Does anybody browse GC sober?

Discussion in 'General' started by peterepeter, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. It struck me that there's probably a whole bunch of people that are active but don't really smoke?
    Dunno personally I'm stoned as hell whenever I lurk the forum  :bongin:

  2. Yes. I click around when I'm sober. Hang out when I'm.. Not

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  3. I rarely smoke.
  4. No roffl

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  5. I do, just for fun because if I can't be high I can read about it and wish I was haha
  6. I post sober or high, prolly easy to spot the heavy tokers like myself :smoking:
  7. ehhhhhh I can't really tell between slightly high and sober anymore
  8. Not by choice.

    Im usually dry, due to lack of funds :/
  9. I am sober mostly
  10. i do more than when im high
  11. Occasionally but more often than not I am usually lifted and if not here then I am doing more important shit.
  12. i do. i quit smoking about a year ago but still enjoy coming on the forum.
  13. to be honest i find being on here high kind of a waste, i mean i do enjoy it every now and then but fuck man i rarely ever get to smoke and if i do im either gaming out, chatting with a buddy or writing, i may come on here to read some funny shit every now and then but shit as soon as i come on here high i usually read something that kills my buzz, nobodys fault but shit the city just aint as funny as it used to be, or maybe i just dont smoke enough and browse for it to be that way. 
    So yeah, im on here high like maybe once a month, sometimes a couple more if i want too but like i said rarely any time that i can dedicate to smoking in the first place. 
  14. No I'm always baked
  15. Yeah but I usually am more active when high when im sober I just click around but when Im high I get involved :smokin:
  16. yeah im on probation so coming on here is one of my ways to stay connected with the herb
  17. usually come on sober, go off stoned
  18. what is sober
  19. All day when I'm at work. Except for the days that I'm stoned...and at nights I'm usually drinking da booze.

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