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does any1 know how to make a good gravity

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smalltimetoker, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. well i do. first u take a 3 liter and cut the top off(so u can fill with water). then u take a 2 liter and cut the bottom(so u can fit into the 3 liter). then u take a slide for like a bong and try to make a hole for it in a 2 liter cap( i just light it with a lighter so it get soft then stick the slide into it it fits snug every time).:D
  2. i used to make them when i was a newbee..
  3. i made one out of a 5 gallon blue water jug like they have on water coolers. It was like one big rip and you good for hours
  4. Ya don't need to be a noob to enjoy a nice grav. They are the single most powerful smoking device in existance. They may not be as cool lookin as a bong, as handy as a joint, as clean as a vape, but intensity is unparalelled. :hello:
  5. gas mask...all i can say...gas mask
  6. i passed out on the gas mask. i've also smoked out of a baseball bat(u know the yellow bats for wiffle ball) and a squirt gun(u just squeeze the trigger and smoke comes out):D

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