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Does any one here have high blood pressure?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Bud Head, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. I am looking to see if any one has high blood pressure and how they medicate it..

    How old are you?

    How long have you had it?

    What medicine do you take for it?

    Is your blood pressure regulated now??

    Any help will be greatly appreciated...
  2. I'm only 19 so I hope I don't. I'm not gonna check or anything for fear of it. I'm not overweight, but I definitely don't eat right so who knows?
  3. Some usefull information to those that don't have it...

    Take care of yourself so that you don't get it!!!!!!!!!
  4. I know people who have it and they regulate it with meds...just not sure which ones. My brother is in his late 40's with it, so is my other brother, my buddy is around 30....they all take meds. My brothers don't drink so their's tend to be better regulated than my buddy's.

    I have insanely low blood pressure.
  5. The doc has put me on another pill along with the one I already take.. I started taking it yesaterday and my BP goes crazy...

    I quit drinking about 10 years ago.. I know that alcohol is a contributer to the problem..

    I believe mine may be more stress related though.. It runs in my family like water..

    Being 40 myself........ I know age has alot to do with it..

    The normal BP for this age of people should be 140/70-75.. I took mine a little while ago and it was 155/88.. It has been as high as 221/106... The doctor dropped the patient he was with and run into the room I was in... He thought i was going to have a stroke in his office.. That was the first time I had gone to have my BP checked by a Cardiologist..

  6. I'm 20 and I don't eat right and I have prefect blood pressure. You are probably fine until later in life.
  7. my dads in his 50's he has it. my family has a history of it so i'll prolly have it in the future, i work out and shit to try to stay straight.
  8. Well heart disease runs in my family so I prolly should worry more, but I don't stress over things nearly as much as the rest of my family so mebbe it balances out.
  9. my mother has high everything, blood pressure, cholesterol, the works...

    she's always warning me about how its hereditary. take my great-uncle for example. he died of heart disease brought on by smoking fags. so it must be hereditary ;)

    he was over 80 and smoked at least that many cigarettes a day since he was ten....

    i have got well into health recently... i feel bad whenever i eat munch food, smoke a cig or go drinking...

    but you gotta go down at some point...
  10. hmm, haven't checked. are there any obvious symptoms? i know i'm somewhat in the danger zone. granted, i'm not overweight, but i do smoke and drink a few beers and my diet is quite fatty (in a vain hope to gain weight, but for some reason, it doesn't happen. chronic thin dude = me)

    on another pluss side, i hardly ever get stressed, and it's been a few years since i lost my temper for real. so no psych tendencies will contribute to my eventual / potential pressure rizing.
  11. i dont have blood.... sorry
  12. DUDE, u know those machines in the mall, i always get either very very very low numbers (sureally so) or 0, and when i go to my doctor, he usually has to recheck it once or twice.

    But he says its all good
  13. Once my dad went to the doctor for a check-up and his triglycerides were ungodly high. It was the highest the doctor had ever seen in his career. Mebbe I should worry about my health more. I need to stop checking this thread so I don't worry and get my bp up.

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