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Does any know what type of weed is available in Nepal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Gaanja, May 4, 2016.

  1. I will be going to Nepal hopefully in October, does anyone know what types of weed they have over there, I know they hash but I want to know more about the weed. I would appreciate pictures so that I know what to expect
  2. Use the google. I took a quick check and while it's technically illegal they only go after the tourists (you), that being said the paper I saw said it was very rare, about as rare as flowers and buds. Why no flowers? Because Nepal does not grow much pot at all its imported in the form of hash mostly from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. The hash is suppose to be very good so I seriously doubt you will be disappointed. Good luck and come back and tell us first hand what you get your hands on and how you liked it.

    The tourist paper I read said look south of durbar square in Kathmandu for a street nicknamed freak street. Also all marijuana is legal for one day during the Shivaratri festival but there will be tons of people there and everything costs more then.

    The paper also said you will have people ask if you want smoke by just walking down the streets. Just be careful because for one it's illegal 364 days out of the year even though it doesn't seem illegal. For two Get caught and Nepalese prison sounds like it could be a bad thing. If you use regular street smarts I seriously doubt they want to bust a tourist that is spending money in Nepal for a little bit of hash. For gods sake leave all paraphernalia behind and don't be silly and carry anything on a plane. This will get you in prison guaranteed, I doubt you would be that stupid but I figured I would put that in there. Many of those countries will look the other way about almost everything but will stick it to you if you try to smuggle anything across the border either direction.
  3. i dont know about weed but i was there a few years back and tasted a few types of hash, in Kathmandu was most expensive but got some good stuff, in the mountains it was mad cheap, bought an ounce for like 20$, but some of that stuff is mixed up with yak shit sometimes, i kid you not. lesson learnt, dont buy the cheapest hash available, you will litterally be smoking shit. enjoy Nepal, i loved it there
  4. sorry didnt read your whole post lol
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    good thread, until those white devils drove him away.... but does anyone know current blades who have true experience with landrace strains? I got himalayan genetics for medical research to find high cbd, cbg, and broad cannabinoid/terpenoid profile natural strains. I have good soil here in pacific northwest, but I'm not entirely sure what to do for them in terms of any specific requirements these unique plants may need. The poster of that thread mentions that the plants are unfertilized/unamended, but I can't find much information about the makeup of the soil there.

    Gaanja: sounds like an amazing trip I wish you excellent luck in your travels.

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