Does an erratic light schedule within reason matter?

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  1. Let me clarify on what I mean in the title.. say I have my plants on 16/8, through the week and my lights are on from 3pm to 7am. On the weekend if I want to give them a bit more light or I just want to get my grow tent chores done or whatever reason I may have can i set the timer to turn on from 1pm to 7am instead without confusing the plants or whatever? And then for the following Monday switch my timer back to 3pm-7am

    Basically can i switch up my light schedule during veg to my leisure as long as I stay above 16hrs light?

    During flower I wouldn't screw with the schedule at all.. just 12/12.. I've only heared of different schedules for veg
  2. I always change my light schedule in veg anywhere from 18/6 to 24/0 to help with temperature control depending on the season..... not saying you can't veg 16/8 but i never have so i cant really recommend it

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  3. Off topic, as a sneak peek into my first grow journal I haven't started yet... i am 3 weeks from seed into my first grow with my first grow tent. I am growing 5 northernberry and 5 northern skunk regular seeds from peakseedsbc 5/5 of each strain germed very quickly.. I culled 1 of the northernberry with my first transplant at 14 days, runt.. I am going to practise culling at each stage with regular seeds and I am transplanting 2 times total, solo cup only lost 1 to cull.. now they are in 2 gallon to be sexed and I will cull down to my best 4 females ( hopefully 2 of each strain..) before transplanting into 5 gallons to flower..

    Hopefully I will start an actual journal and write it properly here soon I'm just too busy..
  4. The reason I am doing 16/8 right now is because I have heared long nites and cool days induces females.. cannabis does not decide it's gender until it's 3rd-4th week of veg as per a study dutch passion and others have done..
    * a higher nitrogen concentration will give more females.
    * a higher potassium concentration will give more males.
    * a higher humidity will give more females.
    * a lower temperature will give more females.
    * more blue light will give more females.
    * Fewer hours of light will give more females.
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  5. your good to go . what your doing is perfectly fine . simple answer
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    Cannabis doesn't decide it's gender. It's already written in the genes of the plant. If it did "decide" then there wouldn't be a such thing as femanized seeds.

    All you are doing is decreasing your growth by reducing the amount of light the plants get a day. There are many people that veg with 24hrs. I have and I've never got a male. I bet you anything that if you put them on 24 tonight and checked back two days later you would be very surprised by the increase in growth. There's been studies. Since 24 would be 50% more light a day then you're giving it as long as the plant has enough feed that should increase the growth rate by 50%. The growth rate is directly tied to how much light it gets. Cannabis does not grow at night.

    Personally I like to give them a little night rest. I've found that 24hr veg plants get "tired" and unhappy after about 4 weeks or so of it. For that reason I run a 20on/4 off cycle.

    The only seeds I've sprouted were bagseeds and all were female because traditionally the way a badseed comes around is when a female plant puts out a random male part. Since the plant was female the resulting seeds are female. It may have a tendency to hermie like it's mom but it will flower and be a female plant because both of it's parents were essentially female. This is how femanized seeds are made. A strong all female plant is treated with chemicals to force it to make male flowers. Colloidal silver works. Other chemicals are better.

    16/8 is walking dangerously close to where the plants will bud. Many people use the 12/12 cycle because it's safe but if you do some reading you will find that cannabis will flower in up to a 15/9 light cycle. There's some grow hackers out there that do this. As I said earlier growth rate is directly tied to how much light the plant gets. 15 hours of light a day is 25% more light a day then 12 hours. It may result in 25% more bud. From my research 15/9 is pushing it and seems to be the limit. Plants will go back to veg after that. It depends on strain.

    Because of my reading on this I've decided to go with a 13/11 flower cycle to increase the growth with more light. My plants flower just fine at 13/11.

    I bet you if you ran 16/8 for too long you may have a plant or two go into bud randomly after about 2 months or so when they are full of preflowers. That's too much dark for good veg IMO.

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