Does all glass smell like ass ?

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  1. I still live with the rents so I have to keep my shit on the dl..whenever I'm done smoking, I put my bub in a bag in the garage but theres always a smell to it. I always rinse it out but it always smells like straight shit and I dont like the idea of having to clean it after each use..What else can I do ??
  2. Cleaning it really is your best option... but if you don't wanna do that you can always keep it around some coffee.
  3. alcohol, salt
  4. air tight container for food
  5. yes. definitely invest in some isopryl alcohol. get your bub nice and dry and pour in about a teaspoon of salt. then pour in some alcohol, about 3/4 full, and shake the shit out of it. you might need to do this a couple times, but when you're done it will look brand new and the smell will be gone. after it's clean you should re-clean it every week or two depending on how much you smoke. so yeah. good luck. hope you don't get caught. BFT OUT
  6. Grunge off, 420 cleaner, iso alchol and salt, all are good at keeping it clean.
  7. invest? its like ~4 bucks. lol.
  8. Clean your bub if you're gonna clean it, rinsing it is probably what's making the res smell musty.
  9. dont keep it in the trash
  10. I have a bong, gravitron and a couple of piece all dirty and my room doesn't smell at all.
  11. throw it in a smell proof baggy
  12. Maybe its the bag? I've had friends not clean out all the bong water before putting it in the bag and it spilled. Other then that i have no clue why the glass would smell like ass unless you rubbing your ass on it.:hide:

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