Does a succubus take a man's soul?

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  1. What do they do to men exactly?

    Please settle this debate between me and my wife.
  2. According to the dictionary, they are demons that like to have sex with men while they are sleeping.
  3. According to south park, they inhabit a womans body to prey on the mens soul
  4. They are part of a city's transportation system that simply aren't up to the task of delivering people to their destination on time.
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    A succubus is actually very much related to the modern day alien.

    What usually happens is that the succubus will find its prey, typically being an average white male with low self esteem and a relatively small penis. Once this is done the succubus will seduce the target and start doing the dirty deed. About halfway through the sexing, the demon wench will magically turn into the victims father or grandfather (sometimes both) and then proceed to karate chop the mans dick off. When finished, the satanic abomination disappears into the night while the victim will never see his penis again.

    I know this because I was a victim of a succubus. Have you ever had your dad try to karate chop your dick off? It fucking hurts, man.

  6. *admits he has a small penis*

  7. [quote name='"dishin reg"']

    *admits he has a small penis*


    Of all of what he just said, that's what you're gonna pull out?!
  8. [quote name='"dishin reg"']

    *admits he has a small penis*


    I lol'd. all I know is they make men fall in love with them, if not soulstealing than I'd imagine making them do their evil bidding.
  9. Isn't a succubus a type of houseplant?

  10. I think you mean a succulent hahahha. Cacti and things.
  11. [quote name='"Weasel King"']

    I think you mean a succulent hahahha. Cacti and things.[/quote]

    Ahh yes there we go haha. Oops :laughing:

  12. Whats wrong with pulling out a small penis?
  13. I used to have one.:(:cry:

  14. iv done it enough times and nobody seems to mind :confused_2::devious:
  15. Well I've heard Succubus used today in modern life. It's used to describe a girl who is really controlling and promiscuous, and she likes to fuck with relationships.
    This is how I heard it used today, but from what I read on wiki, A Succubus is a demon that appears in dreams in the form of a sexy lady and seduces men.
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    I think the OP is asking what the succubus does AFTER it seduces men... That answer is a swift karate chop to the dick, like mentioned above.

    As for the male version of a Succubus AKA an Incubus, it seduces a woman. Mid fuck, it will morph into their mother/grandmother. Whichever would disgust them more mid sex... Yeah. It will then proceed to punch the victim in the crotch, much akin to this:

    [ame=]crotch shot compilation with girls.wmv - YouTube[/ame]

    In my years of research and discovery as an expert of paranormal activities, I have found that Daniel Tosh is an Incubus. Shocking, right? Anyway, the victim will then wake up without a vagina. Surprisingly, I am a victim of this type of attack as well. I used to be a hermaphrodite, but now I have absolutely no genitalia whatsoever.

    Now I dedicate my life to eradicating evil from Earth. I'm kind of a big deal. People know me.

  17. Sorry about your parts man.
    makes me worry about my own :hide:

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