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  1. I put this on, kind of unsure what it was going to be. It's not a feel good movie AT ALL, it is a documentary on the use of the Golden Gate Bridge as a suicide platform. I guess a large number of people jump off the bridge and the filmmaker set up cameras near the bridge and caught footage of several people attempting to and succeeding in jumping off.
    It was hard to get through but this was an interesting documentary.
    There are even interviews with someone who jumped off and survived (the only semblance of a 'feel good' moment in the entire film), as well as with the families of people who jumped. Suicide is so sad to see in our society but this film gave me a different viewpoint on the topic, which gave me a bit more understanding.
    Anyone else seen this? What'd you think?
  2. That website sickens me. Fine make a documentary about people killing themself, but the way he used flash to highlight it, and to clearly profit off of, not for a true documentary is disgusting.

    A true documentary on suicide can be seen in "The Suicide Tourist" by PBS
    Watching that certainly changed how I look at life.
    FRONTLINE: the suicide tourist | PBS

    I couldn't sleep after watching that. It's somewhat of a mind-fuck, atleast to me, so be weary before watching.
  3. did you say queensbridge?
  4. [​IMG]

    reminded me of this.

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