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  1. So I guess I have one of those "every 2 years" physical thing with my doctor in 2 days. It's not for sports or anything like that so I don't have to worry about the piss test for anything sports related. But, since I just smoked yesterday and everyday before that, I know weed will show up in my system. Does that matter? I'm 18 so I don't have to worry about them telling my parents, but I'm going to college next year, they can't tell the college can they? Because of the patient/doctor confidentiality?

    Or do they just do those tests to check for like diseases and stuff? Any info would be great! Thanks!
  2. why are you going in the first place? i'm pretty sure they can't say anything because of what you said.
  3. I think they just check for diseases. I've had a couple physicals right after smoking or smoking within 24 hours of it, nothing ever came of it. Even if they found THC I doubt they can do anything.
  4. They won't do anything. They cant because of dr. Patient confidentiality even if they found hard drugs in your system but don't go with any weed on you
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    Just a check up I guess, making sure I don't have cancer and stuff like that, I think
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    Ahah yeah I wouldn't do that, but thanks to you and the other posters! I wasn't really worried, but I just wanted to make sure
  7. You're good since hes not going to do anything to find it in the first place. He has no reason to waste money on a drug test

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