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  1. Anyone order from him latley?
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    what ever happened to the HG420 site any one know?

  3. yup!
    two weeks ago. got my seeds in six days. never had a problem. i have used the doc many times problem free!

    good luck...
  4. Not sure, I know the Doc wanted out b/c he did not have time and Muff was supposed to take over the forum, but nothing ever developed once Muff took over. He may have been burned out w/ all the server changes they were doing over the last year or so b/c he took alot of flak from members over that shit. I talk to doc and a few of the old school members now & then and many of them have found other homes, some of which I have been banned from. I also miss cannabis collector, many good upstanding growers there, it just disappeared one day.

    Doc will most likely not start up hg420 again b/c he wants to concentrate on his reseller business. I do know many of the more experienced growers went to IC, I just do not go there b/c I'm uncomfortable w/ the place b/c it is kind of hot there w/ all the commercial growers.

  5. what forum is IC if you dont mind me asking?
  6. International Cannagraphic Magazine. They have a very informative forum w/any experienced growers.

  7. Always wondered what happened to hg420, was a good place.

    Emailed him the other day, did say he was shipping to US again

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