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  1. Hate is a strong word and not something I take lightly, the same goes for love.

    My question to you is do you hate anyone?

    I truly hate my father.
    For how he acts, for how he thinks for how he treats others and the things that which he lacks an understanding for.

    He is the most bigoted and self righteous person I know.

    He seemingly gathers strength and a sense of self worth by ridiculing others and the things that which they hold in high esteem.

    Here's a loose quote from a conversation I over heard him having

    "I really want to embarrass him in front of everyone. Nobody is his friend, it will be funny, he's a dork"

    He carry's on about his distaste for this man to anyone willing to listen.

    He seeks to make fun of people at any opportunity and very rarely shows empathy unless doing so will benefit his self image or the image others have of him.

    I'm ranting.
    I'm done.

    Who do you hate?
  2. I don't hate people, I hate ideas.
  3. I don't hate anyone anymore but I used to hate this kid back in high school. He was the most annoying person I've ever met and he was the biggest snitch I've ever seen. He used to snitch to the teacher for every little thing that happened.
  4. Like what? Anything specifically that you can think of now?
    Like the idea that some people are better then others. Based on color, grades, education, looks, money, social status etc etc.
  6. He sounds like an elementary playground bully. Most people grow out of that kind of behavior. Have you ever confronted him about his behavior?
  7. Oh many times.

    He will quickly become angry and aggressive with violence and verbal attacks or other times he's dismissive and will simply retaliate with calm insults or comments made under his breath.

    It's quite childish.

    I don't know if he still does, I suspect it but he would often cast insults at people on TV and would watch shows like cops or springer and call out things like "look at that fat bitch isn't she disgusting" "he's a fucking idiot I would punch his lights out"

    He claims he's not racist but he says something racist more often than not, when I see him.

    If ever he makes a claim that you disagree with. "That's stupid" is his reply. "You're wrong" he will say.
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    Perfect, I can vent about this issue here 

    Some guy that ruined one of my favorite relationships (twice), and also started a bunch of bullshit rumors, wants to hang out with me again. 
    Back in high school, this guy and I hardly talked to each other, he moved away, then when he moved back  I guess he decided him and I were best friends. 
    Fast forward him making my ex cheat on me for him for a day, to after I graduated and continued to (stupidly) date this girl 
    He then again striked and talk a ton of shit about me to her, I guess only to get in her pants. 

    This guy... I want to hate. But I'm too passive I guess. He is a chill guy too. 
    I offered to hang out with him this Friday, but I don't want him to bring up that damn girl. Hell, I don't want him to bring up anything from my past. 

    I'll see if I hate this guy Friday I guess. 
  9. Sounds like someone I know.

    It's shit like that, I stopped allowing that kind of thing to happen years ago.

    You can say something or let it happen.
  10. It feels like it was many years ago, but it was hardly even 2. 

    I've always been told to not always hold a grudge. 
    And hell, this guy was a friend at one point. 

    I want to bring a friend, but I'm afraid he'll figure I'm brining backup. 
    Which, I want to. 
  11. I hate humankind. Humans (including myself) disgust me.
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    Yes. There is one individual I truly hate. The way her bullying caused my cousin to kill herself is reasonable cause to hate.

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    But how can you be friends now? Do you honestly think that he has put the situation behind him like you have?
  14.  if i think i could hate someone, i'll just move on.  this goes for family too.
    I have seen you post a few times about your cousin. I saw you post that you cant get past this. Are you ok?
  16. Yeah I think I mentioned it once before. I'm fine :) although no I've never healthily processed it. Thanks for asking tho

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  17. Well, it has been a while for the both of us. We've both gotten over that girl. We're no longer in high school, we've both matured. He's hopefully just trying to replenish an old friendship. 

    But still, the last time the two of us had any contact, was when he was trying so desperately to split this girl and I up.  
  18. Yeah I think I mentioned it once before. I'm fine :) although no I've never healthily processed it. Thanks for asking tho

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  19. Hmm anything in particular about us?

    I find humans to be fascinating, amazing really.
    I have never been bullied. I want you to know that. But a while back i seen a video on youtube. Her name is Jillian Jenkins. She was bullied. And she cried and sang at the same time on the x-factor stage. She was amazing. And beautiful. If you can find that video, please watch it. You may start to understand what your cousin felt. Because that she made me feel what it might have been like, if i had gone through that.
    This is the only video that i could find about her. Its backwards. It shows gives the judges responses to her singing before she does. And its terrible quality. But please watch... For you:

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