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  1. Alright...

    I want to explain some aspects of Voodoo...

    Presentation is a BIG part of Voodoo.
    If I SMELL like a rotting carcase, you can SEE that I am covered in animal blood/Have animal claws on necklaces and bracelets, you can HEAR me screaming curses, or just loud animal like sounds...And I have a sword with warpaint, and talismans all over it...

    You wouldn't want to walk up and challenge me, with your leather helmet, shield, and wood/rock spear. Would you?

    Another important part...
    Communication. The (voodoo) people in Haiti, and the people in Cuba, talk to the people in America.
    One instance that I can reference that you can look up, was on Gangland.
    A Haitian (Voodoo adherent) gang in Florida gets information from the Haitians that live in Cuba, and work the docks.
    The men that work those docks, find out what boats are carry what. And they tell old Voodoo wise men in America, then those wise men pass that information off to the gang members...The gang members then go rob the boats, knowing exactly WHAT is on it and WHERE.
    And it's all like "A little birdie told me."
    Another big part of that communication, is the OLD communicate with the YOUNG. They share in decisions and hardships.
    And also Voodoo communities, just have a VERY strong sense of "community" in general. They understand that "It takes a village to raise a child."

    Faith is VERY important to them.
    If you BELIEVE that something can happen, then it is 10x-1000x more possible to happen.
    The elders understand this, and use it to promote strength and courage in the young community...(If you wear this necklace made of shit-balls, bullets can't hit you)
    If that kid TAKES that necklace, and TRUSTS that elder, they are more likely to succeed, than if they went through the whole mission blindly, nervous AND afraid.
  2. Nature:
    There is a strong understanding of nature. Voodoo communities understand their herbs, the trees, plants, animals, weather around them.
    Some Voodoo practitioners are said to be able to speak to hippos, lions, or other animals(Through tonal noises, and body language). Gaining the animals trust, then sending the animal to attack a foe to protect the "spell caster".
    They know when things are happening, based on the animals. There is an entire WORLD outside of human life, that most people don't notice. Many people think humans are the "center of the Earth's focus"...But this is not true, we are just the center of OUR focus. They understand more about that "background" world, than many of us EVER will...
    Also, on the topic of nature is herbals.
    Voodoo practitioners know the "magical" (chemical) properties of different plants, and are able to use that (Now, and more-so in the old world).
    I have read of Voodoo practitioners using "fugu" or "blowfish" poison, to stun (stop heart/lungs ect. Literally killing them) people for days, then allowing them to awaken, and everyone now thinks they are dead.
    At this point they drug the person with dumbing/numbing drugs and enslave them. Some believe this is what a "zombie" is...
  3. Colors.

    In many other cultures, including the voodoo cultures. Colors have meaning.
    Like when you see red.
    You know that that is Automatically a "warning" or "danger" color. In other cultures blue, green, yellow, brown, red, white, black, and all colors have more of a personality than they do in America/English...

    They understand/understood the ideas, and spectrum of color in a way that we can only begin to understand.
  4. I do not practice voodoo but do continue to post more information, as I know next to nothing about it. :smoke:
  5. Will do.

    going to see a movie soon, but I'll post more for sure when I can.
  6. Keep it up! I do not practice but I am curious.
  7. So if I have enough faith that someone can't harm me with their voodoo practices, I'll be okay?
  8. The way it really works is, the more you play into it the more susceptible you are. Think about it this way. If you come come, and there's a big black X on your door your gonna be scared. Then the next day, there's a cat nailed to the foor when you wake up. Then at the mall some lady yells at you saying your going to die, and says some weird gibberish and waves her arms.

    If you believe in "Curses" and "Magic Words" stuff like that can scare you into a mindset that will just make bad things happen.

  9. who are you to be telling me about voodoo? where do you base your information? do you practice it? for how long? how did you learn? give me some history and basis or you are only posting absurdity.

    why are you qualified to educate me about voodoo?
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