Do you visit gc from your iphone ?

Discussion in 'General' started by mjboy, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Do you post from your iPhone on the city? I'm posting this from my iPhone right now trying to kill some time. So who else does this???
  2. I do, when im lying on the couch watching tv :)
  3. At school some times on my voyager.
  4. i like to draw out gc on a piece of paper

    and pretend to post

    and write people's replies for them
  5. in journals?
    and store them in a data base?
  6. I've been known to surf a little while on the blackberry. Always when at work at doing something meaningless. (usually sitting and watching a register, unless we're busy).
  7. From my Samsung Instinct, all the time!

  8. on apiece of paper

    in case u can't read :rolleyes:

    trying to make a joke but . . .

    I FAIL!!1!

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    Yea dudez i post from my iphonez like all they timez!!!

    We should make an iphonez club!

    I have this sweet chain i wear that has a 5" solid gold iphone hanging on it. Incase mines in my pocket people can still know im an iphone owner :smoking:
  10. Hell yea, I'm posting this with my phone right now.

    Believe it or not I don't own a computer so all of my Internet browsing is done from my iPhone. I'm super stoked though cuz my cuzn is leaving to college in a couple days and she's giving me her laptop. Finally ill be able to log on GC from a real computer lol
  11. I've surfed on my Wii and PSP.
  12. ROFL!! I got it :D

    Oh and I have a page always open in my safari that is dedicated to Grasscity. Use my I phone all day at work.


    i am usally lacking creativity tho, so all i can manage is me and bleeze talkin bout waffle burgers.....:eek:
  14. Yeah thats why I have that weird unicode z in my name
  15. thats fucking awesome! makes me want to make a new name:eek:
  16. NO!

    but i do on my Ipod.

  17. well i write out a thread

    "B_K is the coolest dood ever!"

    and everyone replies

    "damn right"

    "u r the coolest"

    "i want your dick B_K!"

    and once someone said

    "not really"

    so i banned them
  18. lol and here i thought i was the only one. rotf :hello:
  19. nope, cuz i dont have an iphone, i use my money for shit thats actually worth the money, not on shit to make me look cool and is outrageously overpriced

    cell phone= portable telephone, not telephone/computer/mp3 player/movie theatre

  20. Chill dude...the op was simply asking a question to the city about whether or not people use their phone to browse n post. He didnt ask u to insult many of us who do use it. Dont hate on us cuz we want something that we can afford to splurge on a lil.

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