Do You Think Your Truly Happy?

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  1. Do you? Real deep question I know but grab a joint, blunt, bowl, vape, bong, or one hitter take a hit and just think.....
  2. No I'm not.
  3. With the parts of my life that I control....yes...
    With things that our corrupt country/government
  4. Yes.
    I was once told by somebody who's opinion I hold in high regard that I was the most well-adjusted and happy person he knew.
    I said this verbatim earlier this morning in a convo with a friend when she asked if I was ok/happy; You needn't worry about me. Even in the worst of times I can't help but feel happy sometimes. Honestly I have trouble empathizing with people who are always sad, or even feel sad for extended periods. I've had a lot of really fucked up shit happen to me, but at the end of the day I just don't feel badly about it. Even now, my brain tells me that unless I work quickly, I'll be trapped living at this house I don't want to live at for the rest of my life, but you just push forward. Whenever I'm thinking in a poor mindset or feeling miserably I think about a quote from a TV show called the Boondocks(not exactly where you want to go for enlightenment but this one part hit me) "What do you do when you can't do nothing, but there's nothing you can do? You do what you can."
    Idk, happiness is such a subjective thing. My happiness is somebody else's plight and another's heaven. I just try to keep it all in perspective, live life day by day, and honestly give as little a fuck as possible.
  5. That's the right way to live man.
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  7. If I start feeling down I just remember that somewhere in the third world there is a 10 year old homeless orphan with a glue sniffing problem that would chop off both hands to trade places with me.
    I still have problems, but I recognize that some things will always be beyond my control. The only time the problems get to me is when I know I'm not doing everything I can to make things better. Then I'm not mad at the problem, I'm just mad at myself, and that drives me to try harder. That makes me stronger, gives me confidence, and that leads to happiness.
    Hope that makes sense.
  8. I realized that happiness isn't decided by external factors, but only by your own perspective and philosophy, life can be bright and happy always if you want it too, but you can also be trapped in sadness and despair if you aren't able to look at your own situation objectively.

    I usually enter a meditative kind of state where a fountain of divine ambrosia pours forth from e top of my head and it almost seems like I'm looking at everything from a third eye, and it just feels like the most immensely comforting thing in the world, and nothing else matters in that state.
  9. Well it depends what source you're getting your happiness from: Internal or External?
    For external, I keep myself away from my family (I'm a turtle) because I'm not trying to surrounded myself in a environment full of drama, gossip and pointless loop bickering. At first I thought it was more money more problems but then I realize, the more people that get close to you, the more risk of pointless drama. As for environment (outside of home), I'm trying to further my education to greater heights because TBH, you won't get far up the ladder without that piece of paper they call a "degree" plus I learn better when I'm self educated rather than being in a public institution (community college) waiting to get measured. 
    As I look in the future when I do get employed, would I be happy? Doubt it if I were to work in a corporate setting, deal with people bothering my quiet nature, harsh treatment from bosses...I would be happy if I were the leader of my own business, worked from home, and didn't have to deal with incompetent people.
    For internal, that's my most reliable source where I get my happiness. The four factors come in this: Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphin. As for Dopamine, it gets released from two ways--whenever I have reach that certain goal or acquired an achievement, my Dopamine level increases. The other way it gets released is when I toke Cannabis, Music (most of the time), Food (fuck yes!), Women, etc.
    Oxytocin contributes to my happiness if the person that I trusted doesn't fuck me over in the long run. Hakuna Matuta = No Worries.
    Serotonin does big justice towards my happiness. It increases from my moderate usage of Cannabis and Mediation, the mediation will provide a peaceful calm aura that removes negatives vibes away from my force-field. With Cannabis, I use introspection to increase my self-awareness of my conscious and sub-conscious, I am the director of my emotions and don't let them hinder in my thoughts (EQ), I use it to cope with stress and put less emphasis on insignificant things (the method of not giving a fuck), exercise to keep a healthy body and state of mind, and also take long adventurous walks because how fascinating my outside reality looks (architecture, nature). 
    Endorphins is related to Serotonin and Dopamine. Overall I'm happy--when I'm in solitude. 
  10. Nope not at all, maybe it's me, but I find it hard to be happy in our current capitalistic take over society.
  11. This
  12. *You're. And no I know I'm not.
  13. Whatever bro I was baked as fuck when i posted this
  14. Its fine lol just pointing it out
  15. I noticed the last few days how happy I would be if I lived with my man, and bird. I think it would work out..

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  16. I am happy because I have nothing to complain about in life. I feel like my life is zen. All fundamental parts are in order. However at times I feel as though something is missing in my life but I don't know what that something is, and I won't feel complete without it. But every expirience, good or bad, is taken in stride. I suffered, I learned, I changed.
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    Nope, I've always had high expectations for myself and I'm not where I want to be @ this time in my life.
  18. I'm happy when I'm doing what I do. I'm happy when I'm not slaving away at a desk job that doesn't pay me nearly enough. I'm happy when I'm out on a Friday night, drinking beers with friends and realizing that it's only 8 PM and the night has a long way to go. I'm happy when I fuck a girl and it actually means something when I wake up the next day.
    Each person chases their own kind of happiness.
  19. Yes. I am truly happy.
  20. In short; no. Far from it. 

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