Do you think you could be a spy?

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  1. The gunfights, the reconnaissance, the combat, the unbelievable levels of lying, the cover IDs, the lifestyle. Always on the move, trust-no-one-not-even-yourself type deal, no permanent friends or family. Every mission could be your last. What about the interrogations? The training? The retirement? Could you do it?

    I wouldn't have a problem with most things I just listed, that doesn't mean I would want to be a spy. Spies have to answer to bigger dogs, i.e. Governments, and I've always had a problem with authority...
  2. Fuck No.
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  3. I'm an anarchist; I'm not even sure I'd make it through the door for the interview before I was stunned, handcuffed, and placed in a holding cell while being interrogated for 24 hours.:coolalt:
  4. Some agencies might be looking for that
  5. "He's defiant, has the propensity to light random things on fire, and pretty much despises authority, sir."
    "Hire him!"

    I just can't see it.:coolalt:
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  6. It's a very erratic/fascinating lifestyle. I'd wanna try it for a year or two, but not for a lifetime. Age takes a tool on you. I don't want to be a crippled 80 year old man that chases some culprits for a living.

    Btw, the longer you're in that profession the higher the chance of getting fucked. IF you get caught by an enemy spy, you're more than likely to get castrated and decapitated. You'd also HAVE to do missions that you're morality against at some point in your lifetime...Out of 100 missions, it's only probable for you to encounter at least 2-3 missions that you won't agree with on a moral level. So, being a spy is a dirty, risky, BUT fascinating lifestyle. Now, let's weigh this out. Is being a spy in the long run worth it? what about short-term? Well, if it's long term then you are bound to get yourself into some sticky situations. If it's short term, then it's possible for you to take the benefits without getting burned. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner. :smoking-banana:
  7. I agree, too stressful and deep for me. If I had the skills to be a spy I see myself more as a "fuck you I do what I want" kind of guy, like deadpool, or Trevor Philips:laughing:
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  8. I'm out of shape and lazy af I could never be a spy :confused_2:
  9. How do you know I'm not?
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  10. To live like a bachelor in a hi tech dwelling and bang random femme fatales while driving a jaguar? Why, yes, yes i could.
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  11. But to also have no family or friends outside of the business and to constantly have people try to kill you as your career lengthens.
  12. I don't think I'd have the aptitude OR the desire.
  13. Too clumsy to be a spy.
  14. There is a freelance/private sector. Building up the skills would be rewarding/interesting enough going through guarding/LP/surveillance/Private detective etc etc. Work for yourself essentially...and you don't have to worry about the motives/purpose of the government.

    I've certainly thought about it but there's a very dark energy to it. There's too many unknowns and unless you are someone who likes to operate as a soldier or gets by without a sense of purpose. I would find myself constantly second guessing what I'm truly fighting for since the goverments motives/purpose is extremely murky/hidden.

    I've actually been giving government work quite a bit of thought lately. Even if you wanted to though it would be MUCH better to have private experience and work as a freelance analyst.
  15. I already am C.I.A
  16. Cute

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  17. It is my understanding that your basic "spy" is not at all what the books, movies, or otherwise depict. Being a spy doesn't mean you are off on adventures killing people, alone, and otherwise nonexistent. A spy is simply someone deeply embedded in a foreign setting that relays information back to an agency/group. From there the true "agent" could be involved with whatever the situation requires.
    The "spy" needs to give the illusion of an average joe. The guy/girl would have a less than average home, lifestyle, etc.... they would have acquaintances or even friends wherever they were. A day job as cover, and anything else the average joe would have.
    Would I want to be a spy?! Probably not. Living a lie day in and day out whilst having someone telling what you can and can't do every minute of every day seems monotonous at best. No recognition for a job well done. Which could take a lifetime to complete!?! Just not that appealing.
    Would I want to be an agent?! Well that's a question for another time.

  18. haha yep :p
  19. I have no qualms with that

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