Do you think when we younger people take over offices

Discussion in 'General' started by Jackattack, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. That laws will become less strict well I do I don't know why though. Im kinda waiting for all the old farts to die out of office so they can be replace with people that are a little more realistic.
  2. hmm those old farts used to be young just like you listen to your self when you talk?

    just because theyre younger doesnt mean they will lighten up.
  3. Well most of the young people now days aren't hard-core christians. Scratch that most might be but alot less are not now than then. Wow that was confusing.
  4. I was watching Da Ali G Show and sometimes he talks to these old people that are in office and they were assholes and ignorant.
  5. Heh.

    The reality is, only a certain type of people levitate towards politics. In america, that tends to be hard-working pro-christian types.

    And what it comes down to is to who is elected and the reality is that as long as the morale compass and values remain the same, so will the leadership.

    Everybody in power is elected or appointed by the electorate.

    I don't think there is any kind of significant change in the values of our civilization. Not enough has changed. We still revel in ignorance and ineptitude.

    If things were so radically different between the generations then we'd be waging civil war, or a military coup of some kind.

  6. Looks like history and civics classes were a waste of time here...!

    What do you kids do for an education nowadays? Doesn't Playstation 2 have some sort of educational disks? If not, they should! Seems like it would get to more people than school does... :cool:
  7. well, if the generations of youth from say the 70's didn't get it done, i doubt we will....
  8. Posts like this remind me why I find your posts smart and funny even if they can be mean at times

    Would give ya rep but I gotta spread it around first.
  9. I've been trying to be nice lately, really!

  10. not only that, but those people who really make a difference, usually if it comes out that they use drugs...not enough votes.

    which makes it really hard for drug users to have a say in politics...we dont have enough people who matter that speak about drugs from experience.

  11. I like it when you are mean because I love witty and sarcastic humor... keep it up.

    To stay on topic, with this method it will take a long ass time ot get shit changed...
  12. Politicians use marijuana as a scapegoat and will continue to do so until more people become aware of what the fine herb has to offer.

    MJ has only been illegal for less than 1% of the time people have been on Earth, we were just born in the wrong century.
  13. I believe laws will change once politicians start dying out more.
  14. Naw... like someone said, the people who are now in office and keep drugs illegal have all done drugs (and enjoyed them) at one point in time. They don't make drugs illegal because they are against drugs, they make them illegal because it's an easy argument to win and gets a lot of votes.
  15. Nope.
    This is 2006. Most politicians are 50+ years old.
    That means that the people in office now were growing up in the 60's and 70's, a time when drugs were extremely popular, so why would them dying out change anything?

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