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Do you think this trim job is shity?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gofuckingeagles, Oct 20, 2014.

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  2. Its not the best, but that doesn't mean she isn't pretty tho 
    Hell no. Buyer can trim it more them damn selves.
    Sit down with pounds and get to trimming and you will understand.
    A few 5 gallon buckets and you will know it "Good enough"
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  4. Definitely not a top dollar/top shelf trim job if you ask me.
  5. #5 TheAnswer121, Oct 20, 2014
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    this guy knows :D
    i wouldn't expect that from a dispensary, but from someone on the street, fuck it
    you gonna get high regardless :smoke:
  6. To be honest I have nugs 3 times that size in my trimmings. LOL  I only trim the bigger buds nice, that one would not even end up in my punchbowl. Thats big popcorn.
    Nothing goes to waste, blast all that into oil.
  7. Lol buyer can trim themselves. No.

    I will not support lazy fucks like that. Trim the bud, you might see money.

    OP, it is a bit leafy, ok maybe really leafy. Looks smokeable but personally I'd rip the leaves off before smoking.
  8. you know i have a good friend who him and his dad grow a bunch of buds.  They even sell the bud to dispensaries.  However, they leave on the excess leaf and it actually makes the buds taste more pungent.  Their buds are also really smooth smoking, but idk if that has anything to do with how they trim.
  9. Yeah but most dispensaries sell leafy buds for cheap. I've never seen top shelf bud with that much leaf on it. It also adds weight, maybe miniscule.

    I still won't buy leafy bud, just not in my preference.
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    Save your leaves and make bho once you got a couple grams saved up. Throw your stems in there too
  11. wow pounds... $10,000 + of weed you would think something that valuable would have been taken care of? 
    And OP the trim job is bad, I can see the actual leaf shape it looks like it has hardly been trimmed. I don't care about trim job that much but I can see a bad one when it's there
    It is taken care of, that is a tiny nug, no grower waste time on a bud the size of a single bowl.
    When you have pounds little ratty buds go in the blast bucket. Nothing goes to waste.
    now days I dont know many people who want flowers, they want BHO.
    The op can get scissors take 2 seconds and make it look nice him damn self.
    Some stoners are way too picky, they should grow thier own.
    Nobody is being picky. I expect my bud to be somewhat trimmed unless I'm paying $25/Q for it. All we are asking for it for a basic trim job, like actually cut most of the leaves. How about I sell you weed and include the bag with the weight? Yea, that's essentially what is happening when there is a really shitty trim job, [SIZE=13.63636302948px]you can clearly see in the picture that the bud was probably not trimmed at all adding more weight....[/SIZE]
    That chunk of bud is worth  $0.02  that is picky. weed is legal here and worthless in price.
    Must suck to buy weed, sorry man. :(  We will all be free to grow someday.
    Weed isn't worthless anywhere you are still paying $25+ for an 1/8. And that trim looks like a good 20% of the bud lol
  16. Yes its a crappy trim job but if the sugar leaves have a lot of kief, then I'd smoke it.
  17. In that case my phone did not cost $400, it costed $30
  19. You are saying that the cost of weed is what it costed to produce it. 

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