Do you think that the environment is screwed?

Discussion in 'General' started by F. Fontaine, May 30, 2009.

  1. I was actually thinking about this yesterday, but I was way too blazed to make an entire topic about it.

    Some of you may or may not believe that global warming exists, but don't tell me deforestation doesn't or overpopulation. More humans are living longer and dying at not as fast a rate as the past. Forests are continuing to be cut down to make paper and other products that come from trees.

    Despite all of this talk about the polar ice caps melting, a lot of people still use cars. The automobile has been ingrained into the American consciousness ever since Ford made the first one. It's become a necessity. I still see a lot of people with huge gas guzzlers. I've even heard some people say "I don't give a damn about the environment." I'm sure they would if they were a wildlife creature whose home was being destroyed as a result of home building.

    What makes it worse is China. They're the fastest growing modern-day empire and they are starting to industrialize as much as us. They want to live the American lifestyle. They want cars. All of them want cars. China is erecting coal plants left and right. China's not slowing down... Factor a growing India into the equation and then it's even worse. We cannot have every Indian driving a car. That's just not going to work.

    I try to lessen my environmental footprint. I turn off everything and unplug them when I'm not using them because they use "zombie power". If I have a short distance to go, I either walk or bike it. It's just frustrating to me that what I'm doing isn't really working either, it seems to be so insignificant in terms to the whole problem.

    When this world is all polluted and everything is destroyed, we'll head off to some new planet we find and spread our human infection there...

    What do you guys think?
  2. global warming IS happening like it or dont but i dont think its as much our fault as the bleeding heart tree huggers want us to believe. fact is that for millions of years the earth has been on a cycle of climate changes. we go from so tropical that you can swim at the north pole and then back to an ice age right before we go back into a tropical period. its happened many times in history yet just because it isnt in recorded history people are flipping out over the fact that we are simply at the ass end of the last ice age. these cycles take tens of thousands of years so of course we dont remember the last one and people think we are the reason things are heating up. sure we may not be helping matters much with our pollution but without it the earth would still continue to warm if only at a slightly slower pace.
    theres my two cents on the matter.
  3. I drive a Big V8 car and I wouldn't trade it for anything

    EDIT: except something with a bigger motor
  4. if it is, it'll rebirth and regenerate like it has every single other time. It just might come at the expense of humanity.

    Our earth has heated up before thousands of years ago... it caused glaciers to melt in turn starting an ice age. Whats happening now is no different then situations that have occured here in the past. The earth will always rejuvinate itself as long as the sun burns... we, however, may not be as fortunate
  5. You can blame humanity all you want, but the truth is, we wouldn't be where we are today without some atmosphere clogging fumes. Now that we see the damage it is causing, a lot is being done to slow and even halt the damage that we ourselves cause. This won't halt the natural ebb and flow of the world, but it's doing our part. Maybe one day we'll have the technology to control climate and weather, but until then, we've just got to work together with nature.
  6. [​IMG]

    Humans believe that we're so permanent of a species; we've barely just begun to exist.

    I think we're capable of ebbing our impact on the Earth when it becomes vital. It will happen eventually, as more and more children begin to care about the environment.
  7. Lol most Americans drive huge engine cars. It's kinda funny.

    Lee Evan's said once.

    Half the world is driving huge V8 cars. Last Vegas is lit up like a Christmas tree 24/7 but the thing thats causing global warming is ME. Because i'm not switching off my little red light on my TV, who would of thought..

    Or something like that.
  8. It bothers me that lives are getting longer and longer, and people are reproducing like fuckin rabbits (and they're usually the ones who are too goddamned retarded to be reproducing)

    Idiocracy Intro -

  9. I live around the corner from a couple car dealerships, those mother fuckers are lit up all night with super bright lights you can probably see from space. Stores and other buildings leave lights on all night as well, with nobody in them. Fuck all that noise, what I use isn't a drop in the bucket compared to gross waste like that.

    I'm not one of those people who gets some kind of intrinsic reward for "helping out the planet." That's not to say I'm burning tires in my backyard to spite the environment, but to hell with "going green" (goddamnit I hate that fucking saying now)
  10. I think the same way.
  11. Whether or not global warming is happening, you can be sure we are massively effecting the environment. We in 50 years, have burned through 1/3 of earths un-renewable resources, killed off nearly half the species of plants and animals, cut down huge portions of oxygen enriching forests and almost tripled our population.. In 50 Years!! Whether or not the shift in earths climate is due to a natural cycle, or the Human species, we will be the cause of our own demise.
  12. With attitudes like this I believe you.

    Fortunately not everyone is as cynical folks.
  13. hey, i love going green!:mad: wait a minut...:confused: i was thinking of a slightly different shade of green:smoke: going green... smoking green... going, smoking, yeah it was definatly smoking green im into.

    To th pits of hell with "gong" green!
  14. Great responses guys.

    Yeah, I seriously don't understand why people leave the lights on all night, especially in establishments like this. Yeah, what you do may not be a drop in the bucket, but I'm pretty sure it adds up with everyone who thinks like you do. Imagine also the car dealerships around the nation who do this.... mass waste of energy.

    That is so true, but it's fucked up just to know that despite all the warnings of the environmental disaster, people still continue to deforest trees without planting them.

    For real. We humans think we are all that, when in reality, we are insignificant pieces of shit that if we ceased to exist, the universe would continue without us uninterrupted.
  15. we're absolutely positively completely fucked. As we're living lifestyles that destroy our planet our population is flying. There's more people alive now than EVERYONE WHO HAD EVER LIVED BEFORE 1940.

    The reason we fail as a species is because we can't understand compound growth. If we keep burning fossil fuels 10% more a year, it's ten percent of 110, then 10 percent of 121, and so on.

    Thing of it like this- the world is a big cylinder and the human race starts with one single grain of sand that continues to double each minute. So 500 years later this cylinder is 1/16 full and some people start to freak out. a minute later its 1/8 full, and now even more poeple are freaking out but most are saying "we've been here for 500 years, we have plenty of time." then it's 1/4 full. then the next minute it's half full. Some explorers go out and find two new giant cylinders and they move on as the first cylinder fills. But how much time did that buy them?

    a minute and a half.

    Im really stoned im sure that didnt make sense to anyone. Basically im trying to explain why humanity cant continue to live the way it does.

  16. Dude, don't worry, I'm fried too, so I completely understood that.
  17. So did I. :smoke:
  18. aw skeet skeet:smoke:
  19. Humanity just needs to acknowledge and be aware of it's mortality.
  20. I don't get the fossil fuel nay-sayers. Cool we're burning through fossilfuels I guess it sucks that there is an abundance in ALTERNATE energy sources? Hydrogen is pretty abundant.

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