Do You Think Marijuana Will Be Legal In Your Lifetime?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Knack, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Do You Think Marijuana Will Be Legal In Your Lifetime?

    When I mean legal, I mean where an adult could go to a store and buy Marijuana and use recreationally, similar to alcohol.

    Most of my feelings sway towards it NOT being legal within my lifetime. Not only is it hard enough for states to decrimanilize it themselves, it seems so far fetched for it to change on a Federal level. It also seems to be a back burner issue to most politicians.

    Anywho, when a law is fucking stupid, fuck the stupid law.
  2. I'm shooting for 15 years. Hopefully things will follow course and keep building up momentum.
  3. Yes, I'm immortal. :hippie:
  4. As Lester Grinspoon said, "Once people understand these things about marijuana, the prohibition would be gone in 10 years"
    All that needs to be done is educate the public instead of jamming petitions down their throat. If schools aired movies like The Union, and the news reported in favor, the legalization effort would exponentially increase.
  5. Yes. I am fairly sure it will be legal before I die.
  6. In some states, yes. Federally, I doubt it. It will be important to see what happens with the California Initiatives and the legislature in other states to see where we can take things.

    It'll happen a heck of a lot quicker if we can start getting the proper information out to the non-using community.
  7. id have to say yes
  8. I'd have to say yes :)
  9. lol sorta odd...

    Anyways, I'm young and when I finished HS most of the people I knew tried pot once at least, and lots of them were pot heads. I can't talk for previous years but I think that people are more at ease with pot then let's say, lots of 65-90 year olds. I would've thought that if it were to be legalized then that would have happened when the baby boomers grew up, so far it hasn't happened though.
  10. I damn well hope so, at least here in Canada, maybe not the States. (Sorry guys)
  11. yeah...well at least in cali..(fingers crossed) started smoking this wonderful herb back in the day...maybe 14 or 15 years old..never thought id see the day you could get some bud im really excited how the image of maryjane has changed..dispensaries blow my mind...never been to one but just the fact that theres a building/store/place where u can get herb legally is kool. As far as walking into 7/11 and getting a pack of joints instead of newcastle..yeah i think that might happen before i die..unless some shit like final destination happens...damn i ramble when im stoned

  12. A reasonable hope, and one that I agree with.
  13. I'd rather free health care then weed legalizing..
  14. But I hope so, its looked down on so much from a lot of the community, I would love for people to realize its not bad, Read your history... It's never been illegal before, and was actually used by every culture... hummmm doesn't sound that bad.

  15. I think there'd be less health problems if they just legalized the proper medicine. :D
  16. Well even if the petition collects enough votes by February 2010, and the bill is voted on and passed in California, a federal agent still would have precedence to arrest you for possession.
  17. I think it will be legal in our lifetime. I think around 50 percent of U.S. citizens are for legalization and that percentage will only increase as older people die out. Our generation (most people on here are 18-25) has access to the internet and other information that our parent's and grandparent's generation didn't have. I think that we need to establish more medical states first. However, if one state, such as CA legalizes, I think the legalization movement would spread to the other states. They would want in on the tax revenue, and also they couldn't really enforce the illegality of cannabis since bud would be coming in from the state where it was legal.
  18. Yes, I think that it will be legal in my lifetime. When I don't know. I just hope that its soon.

  19. I am currenty 20, born in 1989 and I believe once my gerneration gets into government offices and all those stupid old twisted fucks die out it will just take off and we will go to Wal-Mart and be like can I get two packs of Marlboro Jack Herer. Its coming, by 2025 it will be considered better for you then cigs n alcohol. :smoking:
  20. lol @sb100z. i hope so bro.

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