do you think k-mart has caller id?

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. :D
    i hate shoppin in that store and rarely venture there, BUT in my quest for all the easter crap in one place i spent one hour and alot of money. let me just say this was just one too many times k-mart associates were rude and unhelpful to me.
    so i called them.
    i asked the personal 'manager'..(whats the chance it was the same person who answered the phone :rolleyes:) if she'd like to know why i most people shop at wal-mart....
    its because your store sucks so much nobody wants to shop there.
    your employees are rude. if im nice i expect the same.
    cashier #21 rolled her eyes at me, the icing on the cake.
    you have carts full of crap all up and down the isles. pain in the ass
    you can never get any help!
    after tracking down some salespeople, and wait for them to finish talking to their friend, they have the nerve to act like you bothered them...spose i did.
    your prices suck
    martha stuart sucks
    your clothes suck
    and your parking lots full of potholes
    the "manager"i was talking to cared, :rolleyes: hu-huh. so i finished said bye and hung up. i didnt say any really bad stuff, beacuse you never know there may well be an emericeny where i HAVE to shop there. but thats it. only an EMERGENCY will bring me back!!!!
    k-mart sucks.
    oh an happy easter hehe
  2. lmao

    my thoughts exactly....seems as every k-mart I see is

    yeah k-mart does suck..


    happy easter 2 you 2
  3. hmm....anyone else thinking these might be some of the reasons they went bankrupt?

  4. Ney Critter, k-mart toothbrushes are crappy and taste like shit!
  5. LOL Attention K-mart shoppers!! I'm wondering what their cavity rate is now!
  6. I'm english/welsh and therefore don't have a clue what you're on about!!!
  7. i went to kmart when i was little and i shit my pants......wait that has nothing to do with anything.......oh well

  8. Don't worry, your not missing much. K-mart is a store where you go to buy cheap shit Like walmart or Target if you know what those are. They sell everything, food, clothes, shoes, tools, toys, etc.....

    If you don't get it now, there's not much else I can do for ya ;)

  9. Thats what i was going to say.
  11. # 1, walmart is waaay better, but drastic situations call for drastic measures. Sorry to hear about the horrible encounter. lol. And happy easter right back to everyne too.
  12. Qta
    tsk. tsk,tsk.....see what happens?...i let you in an inch....................................
    :p:p:p:p:p:p [/B][/QUOTE]

    Better not let your husband find out you let my inch in!

  13. Ah I know what u mean. At least u don't have aldi/lidl to avoid. A maggot or two in EVERY chicken!!! URGH...

    mmmmmm I love TESCO!!!

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