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  1. If you've never read, or watched the documentary "The Secret". It's about using your mind to control every little detail of your life through the law of attraction... Or what the refer to as "the secret".

    "I think, therefor I am."

    All your thoughts make up the world, and relationships around you.

    After watching the documentary, I've put a lot of thought into this information. I've realized that, through determination, and practice I was able to "control" the things around me.

    For example...
    And these are real occurrences that have happened, after I discovered this documentary.

    One week, I was craving lasagna. I saw a commercial for it and just thought it looked awesome, being high at the time. I went the next two days just really wanting some lasagna! I mean who wouldn't? It's delicious! Anyways, the next day, my mother made some lasagna for dinner! I Never said one word to anyone significant just random coworkers and such.... And just outta the blue, boom there it is, the delicious lasagna.

    There are way too many examples to name honestly and I wanted to keep my explanation minimal...

    The questions are...Have you watched, or read the secret? Do you feel that after reading or watching, you recognized thoughts you had about a particular experience prior to it happening? What can you tell me about the secret or your knowledge or examples?
  2. It's a very interesting concept.. I have never heard of the secret but I just looked it up.

    I can't say whether it works or not, but I have a theory as to why it does. It is psychological. By thinking about what you want, you will be more aware of it when it happens.

    Your lasagna example, if you hadn't had those thoughts for three days previously, would you have thought any different when you're mother made it for dinner? It's kind of like when you notice something new, and suddenly you see it everywhere. You are just more aware of it happening.

    Just my two cents.
  3. Well maybe your mom watched the same commercial and wanted lasagna also. That's a a more plausible scenario than you , somehow controlling things by just wanting it. This law of attraction sounds like a bunch of pseudoscience nonsense.
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    Yes and no.

    I want to be king of the world, but that hasn't happened... Yet.


    Actually in high school I attempted this. I thought, "Sprite, sprite. SPRITE." Because I was pretty fat back then.

    Anyway about a week later someone offered me a free Diet Pepsi since he pushed the wrong button at the vending machine. The funny thing is, I despise Diet Pepsi. I think that's the universe's way of saying I should go fuck myself.
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    Hell no! The secret doesn't work. Just look at Donnelly Miller. Poor guy only bed a girl at the ripe old age of 38. That is if he bed that girl this New Years in San Fransico. I haven't checked up on him in a week. Check him out on Youtube, he's a naturally funny dude. I'd subscribe to his channel, but I don't have a Youtube account and neither do I have any use for one, yet.
  6. I look at the secret in a different way.
    As far as i know, your thoughts will not influence the universe around you but only yourself. Thoughts dig out the path and point the way towards your goal, you are the one that should walk this path. Only you have the ability to influence the universe around you.
    Repetitive thinking of one same thing will make that thought appear more prominently in your subconscious mind, which influences your perception, the way you think and thus the way you act.

    For example, if you keep telling yourself that you shall find a job, your subconscious will focus on 'you shall find a job' and will make sure your actions and perception will be directed towards 'finding a job', meaning it shall make sure your actions and what you pay attention to will be beneficial for you and your goal.
    (actions: You might feel like rather going to places where you could get closer to finding a job than hanging out; you might be more spontaneous and persuasive towards people than can get you a job etc.
    perception: you might pay more attention to advertisements for job offers)
    Your mind will help yourself in achieving what you want and in that way, will make sure you 'attract' your goal.

    Another example, athletes commonly use images to mentally rehearse how they want to perform by picturing themselves successfully completing their competition.
    Studies show that this form of imaging improves performance. I believe that this is because their mind is more motivated to win, it knows what it wants, which will make sure their body does more in order to get what it wants: to win.

    If you constantly think about cake and your neighbour suddenly rings the bell and gives you cake, it is something that i call a coincidental significance(, not the law of attraction): something that is coincidental in the universe but somehow significant to you.
  7. If you talk about it, it doesn't work.

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