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Do you think im stinkin my street up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sleezy, May 13, 2010.

  1. alright.. what im talking about is when i roll up my vanilla dutch with some bomb shit like the sour D i got right now... would neighbors be able to tell? I live on a main street... 4 houses to the left and 4 house to the right.. right in the middle how awesome is that:rolleyes:. Along with houses acroos the street ... think they can smell it/z?
  2. Just go out back or something, and don't worry about it. Don't let them see you though.
  3. they might smell it..
    go to a nearby forest or soemthin man
  4. yea man i always go out on my back deck... no fences or anything though which kinda sucks.. houses are about 58 feet apart.

  5. dont let nyone spot u
  6. dude they will smell it. your gonna have to smell proof your house.
  7. I can smell my neighbors from about 40 feet away.

    "go to a nearby forest" LOL
  8. yeh man watchout foooo sho especially if you smoke outside someone four doors down might open a window and smell it and call the swat team to raid your house because they will know its you!
  9. You need a smoke room man! Preferably upstairs one.

    Cause they'd call the law faster for you smoking outside then inside. Especially if they have kids!
  10. I got a big privact fence( law since I got a pool) so I just chill out back and smoke.
  11. i never thought about this, i always smoke in my appartment haha, bad idea?
  12. Blunt smell carries outside. I only smoke out back of my house if it's past 10 P.M. and even then I use some discretion. Otherwise it's upstairs or at a buddy's place.
  13. This!!!:wave:

    but, to OP, you should be fine.
  14. make sure no one spots you or a swat team will come and kill your dog
  15. well they will probably smell it but how would they know its you?? well wer i live everyone smokes and when someone smells somethin no one says anything...but like someone said just dnt let them see you :)
  16. ^^ that is so sad D: (editz: to the dog thing. see what i mean about always starting a new page?)

    i wouldn't worry about it, OP. (of course I'm not one to talk about paranoia, i smoke inside on the floor with the back door cracked and a sploof for blowing it outside.) I'm surrounded by 3 houses with all of their yards connecting directly to far as i know no one has callen the police o me yet. i just make sure there is no one standing outside their house or in the window who might see/smell. (i didn't this time, i'm baaahd. it wsas just some dude spraying shit around though. actual shit.)
  17. I honestly don't think they will be able to smell it if they're that far away. Maybe if they're outside and you're outside, but if they're outside just go inside.
  18. fuck'em, smoke that shit
  19. Go to a deserted area around your house that you never see anyone. Make sure your away from all housing if possible if not go in a shed or small building. Shit I smoke in my room and nobody ever smells the bud, and it's some pretty stinky shit. Good luck bro
  20. I wouldn't worry about it. If they can easily see you then no and if they're out with they're kids no.

    If not, then enjoy.

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