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Do you think Im really gunna get dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 High Times, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. So my friend says he has a friend that has dank. Im only buying one gram for 20.00 b/c its all I have on me now. Do you think he is really selling dank for 20 a gram? around here its generally like 20.00 for 1.5 of mids to high mids So I would assume that one gram of dank would cost alittle more.

    So I guess Im asking, is dank 20.00 a gram where you live
  2. jesus christ man you pay $20 for a 1.5gs of MIDS!?!?!?!?!

    $20 for a G better be some dank haha thats normal prices here for dank
  3. I'm in NC like sk3y and good mids are five to sever dollars a gram at most; you've been getting ripped off. Dank headies are usually (and have been for a while) 20 a gram unless its some crazy strand (a strong sativa), then you may pay 25 a G around here.
  4. ummm....20 is it. But if its the fuegoDANK 30.
  5. what have you got to lose?

    its only 20 and if its not really dank at least yer still getting some weed for 20 dollars

    sometimes you have to take risks for rewards

    write that down

  6. Hmm maybe I think I havent been smoking mids in the past then. haha b/c now that i think of it there are people selling like 10 bucks a gram so that is prob the mids.

    Everyone just over hypes there weed i buy from and it is good but not as good as they say so i just kind down play it alittle and call it mids haha idunoo.
  7. Thats regular price... If your paying 20 for 1.5g of some mid your getting ripped off...
  8. Ugh...Never send a boy to do a mans job...My friend said he was in good w/ the dealer. So I gave the money to him to go get the weed. He comes back with a pretty small gram. And this "Dank" is the pretty much the same as what I have always got. Why does everyone over hype there weed so much? haha
  9. i pay frickin 30 usd for a quater of high mids
  10. I get my Beasters for $20/$25 it all depends on the time. 20/g isnt too bad... I would maybe just ask for a sampler first if your dude is cool with it. Otherwise just judge it by looks and make sure that shit shines with trychs
  11. 20 is normal for dank here everything from Blueberry to OG Kush
  12. Lol I picked a sack up last week and I payed 20 and got 1.4 of some high beasters.. Your not getting ripped off for the dank but your getting ripped off for the mids
  13. this is false. 30 a gram is absolutely ridiculous, never pay that much. 20 a gram is legitimate.. I usually pick up sacks for 20/g so its all jesus I think man.
  14. hahaha god ddam man. u guys pay 20 for 1.5g of mids. I pay 25 for a quarter of it. But here for 20 i can get 1g of some purple kush or something like that,
  15. my dealer has me paying for 25 a g for some dank dro. he sells 35 a g for the exotic stuff... idk i never mind paying much more than 30 a g but 30 is steep :/

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