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Do you think I'll enjoy it more..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by letstoke7, May 18, 2010.

  1. sup gc. I really like weed. I like how music sounds, how your body feels and everything. However every time I smoke I get anxiety/paranoia at least to a certain degree.

    Now that I think about it I've never smoked truly worry free. It's either at my house with people around and im worried about smell/having to talk to them or with friends in a car/parking lot worried about cops and that I'll have to go home soon and see my parents high.

    Anyways this summer i'll be alone in my house for a month, first time ever alone for an extended period of time (im a senior in highschool btw) Do you think I'll enjoy it more and not have paranoia if im at my house with no responsibilities and no people around? because thats the only thing I dislike about weed.

  2. No way to tell, try it and see.
  3. Agree with this.

    I usually get more paranoid when I'm alone.. Every little creak is a mass murderer sneaking around my house waiting for me to get too stoned to defend myself :laughing:
  4. In my opinion bud does not cause paranoia or anxiety, it only takes what I'd already their and increases it. If you are in a worry free environment you will have nothing but good vibes.
  5. A little paranoia is normal I think to the extent of "do the people around me know I'm high" cause that's just you realizing you feel it. I am a high anxiety person by nature but I found that after the first couple of times of feeling baked I realized there's no reason to worry. You're in control of your mind! As long as you remember that you'll be fine, maybe you're not 100% comfortable around the people you're smoking with?
  6. Some people tend to get paranoid in areas where there is a lot of people i do sometimes. Asking myself if they think im high after i looked in the mirror for like 20 minutes if i dont have my shades with me which is rare.

    I smoke more by myself id say 65 percent by myself and 35 percent with some homies. When im by myself it relaxing chil throw on the sound system play some video games or something. Looks like you got something to look foward to. Have fun.
  7. I think you'll be fine..........

    Unless the boogey man finds out that your alone......

    Then it's game-on.
  8. my parents leave for a week or weekend all the time. its the best feeling in the world to be able to smoke whenever you want wherever and not have to clean everything up right after. i place 3 bongs in different places in my house so theres always one close by. also another thing that is fun is atnight when its nice and warm out during the summer and you invite a few people over and have a little smoke sesh on your deck or somthing with a fire going. have fun i wish i was being left for a month too ha
  9. ^this.
  10. This. If you don't have a predisposed disorder.. which I doubt you do, then it's really about your mentality as your going into the experience. Thats the beauty about psychedelics they can teach you things about yourself, whether it be about a flaw or about something awesome.

    But to avoid ranting yes I think if you reduced things that cause you worry while your high (I.E parents, responsibilities (fuck doing shit dawg :smoking:)) that you will have a better time on the ganja.
  11. when im alone, every noise i hear is like this. i plan out a battle strategy in my head and shit :cool: :D gotta be prepared

    getting stoned in a house is like a whole horror film lol

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