Do You Think Id Go To Hell If I Turned The Bible Into A Science Fiction Graphic Novel?

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  1. Pretty much a straight forward question. And a serious one. While I'm not entirely religious I do believe there is a god and that heaven and hell do exist. If I've learned anything from the church is that anything "mocking" religion, such as turning the bible into a science fiction graphic novel, would entitle me to a ticket to hell. I'm sure god doesn't look for comic books or Facebook pages to see if anyone is blasphemous but I just feel like I should get people opinion about the matter. Either way I'm going to make it.
  2. Don't put it online the government might think ur some anti-Christian radical and come knock on your door.


    But seriously the bible is just a bunch of stories with more holes than the PGA tour.
  3. Lol. True true. If the government is watching they can go fuck themselves. I don't give a flying fuck what they think of me. They can go eat a bag of dicks. I do believe in god but not the bible if that makes any sense. I know most churches would probably have most of my shit burned if they were published. (-___-)
  4. I was never one for organized religion. The church can say whatever it says, but just because a church believes you're going to hell doesn't mean that you are damned. I like to believe that whatever god might be looming above (or all around) us has a sense of humor, and wouldn't punish those who share it. 
  5. Exactly!!! Thank you. Plus he made me and I'm sure he gave me my sense of humor so he should've known I'd do something like this. Lol.
  6. Oh I'm going to make it.
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    Feel free can't be as blasphemous as "This is the End," or "Monty Python's Life of Brian."
    Both of which are fantastic btw.
  8. Monty is funny as fuck. And I suppose that's true. But Hollywood already sold their soul so they don't give a shit. Lol
  9. Believe me, you could do far worse.
    If there is a hell then I have a spot for all the bibles I have burned and rolled joints with, the public preachers I have mocked and shown my dick too, the upside down crosses I have left all over the place, and more!
    The best part is I am not even a Satanist, I just live in the bible belt and I am very bored and fed up with backwoods christian politics. I don't even hate Christians! I just hate the hypocritical ones who use the bible to justify their hatred towards difference. All of my anti-christian antics are purely political.
  10. Cool. Cool. I've smoke bible joints before. Didn't mind it. I hate those kind of Christians as well.
  11. I actually only smoked one and that was it lol. I don't like smoking ink at all, really, really harsh on the lungs.
  12. Well, I don't LIKE and I don't do it on the daily but I've had to twice in my life. One from a regular size bible and one from a pocket bible. Both pages we found were the craziest ones we can find. Talking about plagues and fuck. Ha
  13. Its a book of Fiction already. I think your safe
  14. I went with the classic John 3:16 page, but I like your concept of page choice lol.
  15. it basically says in the bible when the time comes the government or nwo will target the Christians. Not anti Christians...

  16. I thought so. Ha.
  17. John 3:16 eh? Classic choice. We felt like if we needed to roll a bible joint better go with some crazy shit. If we go out we go out in style. Ha
  18. Lol I pictured a cartoon white house with legs and an m-16 knocking on my door. I want to start making political cartoons now!
  19. Good. Good. I'm tired of being targeted for nothing.

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