Do you think I passed my Drug Test? (Look inside)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ripterr, May 19, 2006.

  1. Ok heres the scenario.I had a drug test today that basically decided whether I will be making a lot of money or I will be broke for a long time.Also if I failed the test I will probaly be kicked out of my house.

    This is my 1st drug test,and I have to wait 5 agonizing days to find out the result.After I tell you what I did,do you think I passed or not?

    I smoke 5 days a week - usually 2 bowls a day,sometimes a little more.(Like once a month ill smoke 6 - 10 bowls in a day)

    Tuesday - I smoked about 2 bowls with my friends like usual,later that night I find out I will be getting a drug test soon, I heard drinking lots of water helps clean your system a lot, I drink about almost a gallon of water that night.

    Wednesday - Didnt smoke at all, Drink about 1 gallon and a half of water,had a small workout.

    Thursday - Didnt smoke ,Drinked probally 2 and a half gallons - worked out pretty good-lost decent amount of sweat.

    Friday- Woke up at 5:30 am, drink 20 oz of water. An hour later at 6:30 am I drink 40 more oz of water and took some stuff thats suppose to clean your system for 5 hours- it was like a 1 oz liquid and 4 tablets-the guy at the head shop said it was a guarentee to work.I even bought a self tester and tested my self at about 7:30 am after I took the stuff ,and I passed,but those arent always accurate. At 8:30 am I took the pee test,keep in mind i didnt drink anything or eat anything after the 40 oz of water and the cleaner.

    Do you guys think Ill pass or not?

    By the way im 6'0 168 lbs.

    I had to post this here because its all ive been thinking about,I have so much riding on this test,if I fail im SCREWED lol :/
  2. well theres no actual way of knowing. I think chances are against all depends on the stuff you took to clean your system
  3. Sorry bud, but you will most likely fail. If you say you smoke as much as you do and only had that small amount of time to detox its highly possible you failed, about a 75% chance you failed.

    lol, I'm rereading this and I sound really pessimistic but don't take it the wrong way, just my personal opinion and findings.
  4. So those self test things dont work?It said 99% accurate and I passed on it like 50 minutes before I did the test.

    And you say I didnt give myself enough time to Detox, the guy said after you take it it will take about an hour for it to work,and then it lasts 5 hours, I took the test about 2 hours after I took the detox stuff.
  5. This shit stays in your system for a loooong time. It's hard to say.
  6. well if you did a home dt and passed and you piss was diulated a bit but not to much, then you might pass it but you cut it close my friend very close you should detox atleast for 3 weeks at the rate you smoke but also you had a detox drink or pill. best of luck to you
  7. dude you smoked 3 days before a test and expect to pass? people on this site never cease to amazing me with their DT stories. fucking don't smoke AT ALL for at least a few WEEKS before a drug test or you are more than likely going to fail. if you do pass, consider it a miracle.
  8. Lmao dude, you might pass just maybe. I'll have my hopes up for you. I know how it is to get DT and fucked cause of it. Not too pleasant. Especially going to drug programs where they force you to quit smoking and say it's abuse, I mean seriously, I smoke like once every week maybe twice, but if I drink soda everyday I don't need to go to programs because of that. And seeing how soda is worse than weed (Deteriates the bones) I don't get it really.
  9. So your saying the self test I took and passed was just bullshit?
  10. X fucking xactly

    fucking love this shit just get a job that doesnt DT
  11. So you guys are telling me the self test this is complete bullshit,I tested my self 45 minutes before the actual test and it said I passed,the test says it is FDA approved and 99% accurate,and your telling me I have no chance in hell?That doesnt make sense to me.
  12. Shit,I dont even think yall are reading my post,you guys think I just took a Drug Test 3 days before I took my test,read my shit before you say something like that, I drank a lot of water,worked out , and took toxins that are guarenteed to work for 5 hours an hour before the test,and I even took a self test and passed and those are FDA approved and 99% accurate.
  13. Well uhh tell us if you passed or not..
  14. If your a big guy, you probably failed.
    If your a small guy, you have a chance to pass.
  15. self tests usually aren't as thorough as lab tests. if you have to go somewhere special to take it, i'd say the odds are against you. BUT, then again, i've heard of people being clean for a couple weeks and smoking the night before and still passing, so anything's possible. Everyone's body is different

    *edit* - upon further thought, i'm gonna give you some hope dude! If you took the detox stuff and followed all the directions, you'll most likely pass. Chin up, slugger.

  16. I mean if you're so confident you passed, what's your ass doing here?
  17. seriously, if you think you're going to pass, what is our opinion going to change anything? we're not going to give you some magic secret on how to pass.
  18. Its going to the lab,can they detect anything like detox or whatever I took?

  19. They can't exactly test you for detox drink but they will see that some of your body's chemicals are unnaturally high. I hear that the detox drink boosts up something in your body which is a red flag to lab testers. I have passed a lab test with the detox drink, I hope you do too man... Best of luck
  20. Most detox drinks and just hydrating yourself in general will reduce your creatine levels, this is what they notice. Just eat some red meat a day or so before the test.

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