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Do you think height is enough to get someone to the nba?

Discussion in 'General' started by soserious, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. So i'm 6'5. I knew this kid when he was a sophomore and he was like my height. A little shorter.

    Now the little fucker is like 6'8. And saying hes going to the nba. I dont think its happening. He sucked at football and quit. And when I was on the basketball team he was jv.

    I saw him in one game this year. All he does is stand by the hoop to block shots looking scared.

    They never even let him hold the ball. All he does is set the pick. And stand there looking tall. He might make it to college just because our school is known for athletics. but in the nba you gotta be able to at least handle the ball and lay up.
  2. Height means nothing to a certain point, he's not even really tall by NBA standards so my guess is no.
  3. You'd have to be atleast 6'11 or taller to have horrible basketball skills and still be in the NBA. Even then you'd have to play pretty good defense.
  4. No you have to be awesome at basketball and be tall as fuck to be in the NBA.

    I'm 6"2 and I'm a midget by NBA standards.
  5. Maybe if he was like 7'5"... :p
  6. He'd still get stuffed by Yao Ming, 7'6" :p
  7. NBA is fucking impossible to get into cause of the small team sizes. Even if he ends up playing for a really good school.

    60 Players are drafted into the NBA each year
    6900 Division I NCAA players in the US

    That's like .8%, keeping in mind he's competing with the best basketball players in the world

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