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Do you think God wants us to?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by weedaterian, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. There are many verses in the Holy Bible that point out to herbs and plants to be used by man for healing.(mainly in Genesis). Do you think God wants us too smoke it? And if yes, what for, to be closer with him. Do you think being high on Marijuana makes you understand his movement or teachings? The Rastafaris believe strongly in this. Do you think Cannabis has a spirtual purpose?
  2. Though I don't believe in any god, it would be foolish to think that a beneficial plant has been given to us only to be forbade.

    Also, you have to capitalize He or He doesn't know that He is loved.

  3. Definitely, many people use cannabis for spiritual purposes. In all honesty I think its spiritual even if you are using it just for the high. It opens your minds to things and helps you look at life from a different view. Not just life though it opens your mind in many area such as music, film, arts or whatever?
  4. I dont believe in God... but if i did probably.
  5. i clicked on this to see if this was real.
  6. God could not rationally expect us to abstain from such a wondrous activity, so I would say yes. I mean, if other animals lack rationale, our 'higher intelligence' is boosted by rationale, then logically a greater being should also utilize it, right? If not, then is it really a God?
  7. Lol God.... Lol Religion
  8. Translation: I'm unable to imagine having a belief in God and make useless, snide comments I would refrain from making in a public setting.
  9. Those who value god, value ignorance. Ignorance is bliss. Those who value science, value knowledge. Knowledge is power. Powerful or blissful, your choice.

  10. Stop making us look like assholes?
  11. But the thread isn't about any of that. It's about if you think whatever idea you have of God would want you to smoke weed. Don't believe in God? Use your imagination to define one or use a preconceived notion of one, and give your opinion. Or else don't post because it's off topic and useless, and there's a nice little sticky on useless posts.

    I think your post would do well in the Quotes of Wisdom thread, though :)
  12. Wouldnt it be cool if you can just go around putting people on different planets to see which one advances the fastest? It took us like 2000 years to develop an atomic bomb. We should see how long it takes someone from a different galaxy to develop one. Prob like 4000! God wants you only if you're pure. If you are like Bill Clinton, ordering hits on his friends.... well I dont think he does. Damn, that took some balls to type that.

  13. Are you implying that humans have only been around for 2000 years? And Bill Clinton ordering hits? I don't even...
  14. Seems pretty clear to me OP is referring to a Christian God, that's probably why some people are getting antsy
  15. Depending on where you are born you believe what was taught to you.
    Science is the search for truth. Do things we think are true today change yes when we can prove it.
    If we find god one day it would be through science.
    I am not talking about wishing there is a God but proof.
    Prayers are a waste of time go out and do.
    Volunteer at a soup kitchen, the Red Cross just go out and help another person who is having a tough time.
  16. My god will kick your gods ass.
  17. It is so true.
    We should be smart enough not to be like rats on a burning sinking ship.
    Unless it was an indica hemp ship that might be quite nice.
  18. Yes God would want you to heal the sick with cannabis.
    Science is there to prove that cannabis is a wonder drug.
    Human who want to control our society tell us it is illegal even though the science does not back them up.
  19. Look if you don't believe in god then don't answer this, it doesn't apply to you! Im asking god believers, I refer to the Bible so it means that im christian! To athiests out there I respect your choices, I can't make you be right? Thanks and keep posting!
  20. True, but he didn't specify that was the God we had to use in our answer. :confused_2:

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