do you think animals are the same as humans?

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  1. title doesnt really get what im trying to say lol but im stoned to fuck right now. basically what im trying to ask is, do you think like animal species like tigers and gorillas, have some animals that are rebelious, or fit a certain type. like there are serial killers in humanity, do you think there are tigers that are serial killers and try to kill their own species? basically certain categories of humanity that are the same in other animals
    i know i explained that poorly but hopefully you can see what i mean

  2. absolutely
  3. Yes. When I'm blazed I love watching my dog. So smart and you can just see someone's in there through their eyes. Earths just a big ball of Plato
  4. Yea, they definitely have different 'types,' having some parallel to types of humans.
  5. Its a proven fact certain mammals have self-awareness and bull elephants have been known to go on murderous rampages killing females, but apparently its to do with a influx of hormones going through their body that sends them into a rampage.
  6. Lions kill the cubs of other males to mate with the mom. Animals can find joy and can be sad. Animals can be troublemakers as well especially as "teenagers" or adolescents. Animals have to learn to take care of babies like humans and they also learn about sex. So yeah they are like us.
  7. Why do people always forget that HUMANS ARE ANIMALS

    Just because we're the dominant species does not mean that we're gods and animals are below us
  8. Try telling that to the Australian government that's gunna start culling sharks over 3 meters long. Fucking disgusting!

  9. What a shame. I might send a letter to the Australian government saying I'm gonna start killing Australians over 3 meters long lol
  10. No, animals are worth less than humans. That's why we don't feel bad when we eat them (unless you're a vegetarian, in which case you love animals more than humans and you should get help.)
    Humans are superior, more intelligent, more ingenious, etc. 
  11. Wow, really? People are animals but for the sake of discussion we are separating the two. What are we supposed to say? Cant say wild animals because then we arnt including cats and dogs. We could say nonhuman animals but that is unnecessary/extra since everybody will already know what you mean.
  12. To you they are worthless, but worth changes from person to person, just cause you value something doesn't mean the man next to you does.

    I believe everything that lives enters the world as equals and leaves as equals so why arnt we all equal in life?
  13. Is the word your looking for mammal?
  14. If you say mammal then that doesnt include birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles.

  15. I only read the title but I get what your saying.

    Your asking if personality traits in humans are also present in animals that not are humans.

    Aaaahhhh. I see.

    I think it's true to a extent. But i don't think animals have the brain capacity to feel things that we feel.

    Here is a short list on some of the traits I think humans and other animals share

    Feelin like you wanna start trouble
    Compassion. ( like how animals share food with some but not with others for whatever reason)

    Uh idk I'm sure more research is available somewhere
  16. Ohh think I'm on a different page haha

    To answer ops question I would say the majority of mammals are like humans. I wouldn't class other animals as "like" human.
  17. I think the more social the animal the higher range of emotions it can feel and actively appreciate. Now the range of things that will trigger emotion comes with intelligence. 
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    Yes, Homo Sapiens are animals.
    But we're very different from a mouse, a cow, a dog, a chimp, a gorilla, a turtle, a cockroach, a ladybug, a fish, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
    There really is no comparison between us and other animals. Humans are in a category of their own. When was the last time you saw a dog cutting itself because it was depressed? When was the last time a cow started its own business?
  19. Some animals leave their offspring to their own once born.
  20. isn't it weird to think that we think of us, humans, as humans, dogs as dogs, cats as cats etc, but cats dont know they are 'cats' because it is a man made name for them. 'earth' is a manmade name for the 'planet' we live on. just because human consciousness calls these things by these names, doesnt mean thats what they actually are. its interesting to think that if we didnt have a language or know any words, every single thing wouldnt be labelled and would be the same as the rest of the world thinks of it. im going really off track of my op here lol. its also the same with 'time', time is manmade and if we werent as conscious like we are - like almost all of the animal kingdom - time would be non-existant. hopefully you can see where im getting at here, im just explaining it quite poorly

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