Do you thank for +rep?

Discussion in 'General' started by mjmama25, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I notice a lot of people leaving thank you messages for +rep. Am I being rude if I don't leave a thank you? I'm very appreciative of any rep I receive, I just haven't been in the habit to leave thank you messages. I've never sent thank you cards for gifts either. Is this a matter of personal preference? Or am I rude to not thank?
  2. I only say thanks if I get points for the rep. I dont send thank you cards for gifts either, but I make sure to say thanks or give them a call when I get a gift.
  3. I only do it sometimes, depends on my mood
  4. I always try to

    Why not? I like when people thank me for it, but I don't trip if they don't. A thank you is always appreciated
  5. Thanks for the input. I should be thanking for +rep I suppose. I think because I was raised in an emotionally shut down family where there wasn't a lot of positive affirmation, now I have to train myself to do these little things.
  6. I just think its a respectful thing to do...If someone goes out the way to rep me and leave me a rep message..I definetly write them back and tell them thank you..after all it was nice of them to do :smoke:
  7. Usually I don't, but sometimes I'll just return the favor. :D
  8. i dont really notice when somebody + reps me and by the time i do its been atleast a week lol
  9. Always, unless they don't have VM's enabled. Common courtesy :)
  10. i always do! its courtesy.. for example royskopp repped me one time and it bumped me up to my first green bar! i was so pumped and excited.
  11. I gotta start doing it. If only I actually got some +rep...
  12. only if their rep gives me a new bar or if i really appreciate that they would rep me for that
  13. I only give thanks if somebody puts something awsome or wicked or wicked awsome in the text area.

    Like come on, you gotta raise the bar if you want thanks from me.
  14. wow interesting...I have never thanked anyone and always wondered what you all did...I guess I should work on that. Thanks for my rep"ers :)
  15. I usually thank someone for goin outta their way to "+rep" me over the "like" button. Especially if they leave a message.
  16. Every single rep i received i have sincerely thanked for :D, even if i dont get points from them. :hello:

    i mean that person took their precious time out of their limited Life span, just for me..... and i truly appreciate that on a quantum level. the very least i can do is show some Love back :bongin:
  17. I don't really care you should be thanking me for saying something so great you're giving me rep.

    (I'm jk but really your pressing a button. I'm like capslock if I appreciated what you said in the comment of the rep I will go out of my way)
  18. I do, even if its just a neutral, i think most people dont know the neutral doesnt add any points, but its the thought that counts :)
  19. I thank each and every individual who took the time to actually +rep my posts. It's nice to know you're appreciated within the community. :D

    The only times I don't are when people, whether they can or cannot give out points, don't leave any comment as to why they gave me the rep.
  20. Usually I do, but I've been using the mobile app allot lately and I cant comment on peoples pages.

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