Do you tell people?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by devilzlettuce, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Just wondering how many of you make it known in real life that you are on a forum? and if you don't why don't you tell people?

    I myself don't tell anybody I kno in real life I'm on a forum just cuz I don't want people reading my shiet
  2. lol everyone knows in my circle
  3. Lately I've told a few people but I used to keep it secret.
  4. I haven't really, but if it comes up, not too ashamed of it really. People forget anyway/
  5. The only person who knows is my fiance...and I don't tell him I'm on anymore since he's paranoid that the government will use MY actions against HIM in the future.
  6. one dude knows cause he was on my laptop when he was over my house and was like what's this website?

    "GC dude haha just a site about pot"

    he thought he was sick looked around and we never talked about it again.

    i'm not going to lie to anyone about it but i sure as hell ain't using it as a pickup line lol
  7. Lol i cant count how many times ive busted my phone out remembering something completely ridiculous i had read on here that i had to converse to my friends....

    I dont get why people keep it a secret lol.... its not like a porn addiction or something crazy involving having serious issues with the internet lol
  8. I tell people if it comes up. But I do not bring it up for no reason.
  9. I don't make it a task to tell people... but sometimes it comes up in convo.. it's funny sometimes when a friend goes "man where'd ya get this bud" or back in the days "whoa where can i get more of those pills?" and my answer would be "i got them from a grower i know online..." or "this dude i know on a forum sells me 40mg Opana for $5 each.. or $10 for 80mg OC".. and they'd be floored
  10. I don't keep it a secret, but unless they ask I won't really mention it, unless there's something funny/intresting I read on here that I bring up, but I'm a member in a lot of different forums (cars, motorcycles, ect) so I don't even think of forums as something intresting to bring up.... And besides most my friends know only the Internet for Facebook and all that other BS I don't care about.
  11. 40mg for 5$ ??? :eek::eek::eek:
  12. It's what made the addiction that much easier.. Opana at $5 a pop.. i had gotten 50-8mg dillies at $1/mg.. and basically all the hydros i could eat for free.. those last two were not web connects.. all i can do is laugh when someone goes "dude i can get OC20s for $10".. its all such a ripoff to me since i was spoiled
  13. 50$ for a 40mg.
  14. A few people know I am on this site and I know there is one person I wouldn't want reading certain stuff so I watch what I say when I write a post.

    I doubt though anyone is looking on here to check up on me.. I am not that interesting.
  15. Ouch....

    If I hadn't been hung up in a good ol pill addiction.. i would have made bank.. my old GM use to hand me 5/500's by the bag full.. all free.. that's what really got my addiction in to full swing.. man imagine all the money i could've made.. and instead ate
  16. I go to multiple forums. I tell people that I do, I just don't say which.
  17. All my friends know I'm a nerd and that I'm on internet forums.

    None of them care.

  18. Well how are you so sure they won't?

  19. lol what would they do

    "Mr. whatever, your wife used a cannabis forum, how do you react to this"

    come on now

    if she was growing and posting pics on here and he wasnt comfortable, different story

    but this is just a forum lol, the government isnt going to rain down on you for being on here... that would be silly
  20. well there is online me and there is real life me, never shall the two circles meet. The effect could be disastrous.

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