Do you study high?

Discussion in 'General' started by gdudeganja, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. The subject of marijuana and cognative impairment has some very conflicting data. Some say it impairs memory, others, that it prevents memory loss from illnesses like alzheimers. So with that in mind, how does marijuana affect you when you need to do something that demands sharp cognative facilties. I'm asking do you study high, if so does it improve or impair your work?

    For me studying with a light high makes a world of difference. Subjects like algebra and other math courses I have a more difficult time with if I am high. So I don't smoke before algebra class or doing homework. Subjects involving language like spanish and composition i have an easier time with if I take a couple tokes from a one hitter before hand. So for me the only subject I do sober is math, while everything else I study with a light high. So what about you? Do you study high? why or why not?
  2. I get high before every class that I go to and I get high when I study. I've made some of my best grades in my entire academic record really really high.
  3. this is going to be a popular thread. :)

    im like you, certain subjects i can, others i cant.
  4. I tried this but I just can't seem to focus when I'm blazed.
  5. I'm glade that has worked for you. Your one of those people who are disproving the stigma of smoking. The age old stereotype that cannabiss lovers have slow minds is a misconception.
  6. Ya its werid like that. Some subjects I get way into if I smoke. I love history and ethics if I am high.
  7. AP Chem is a challenge, but I can write great english papers while blazed, math is pretty easy too.
  8. Ya, i know what you mean. For me I don't smoke a whole bowle at once, I take tokes while i study usually smoking the whole bowl over the course of an hour.
  9. I wish I could, I can concentrate on studying more if Im high but the problem is I forget everything Im studying
  10. People are often likely to not try their hardest because they are afraid of not doing as well as they expected. Maybe when your stoned you don't care if you fail, but you still do your best :confused: just a theory? Thats how it rocks for me!
  11. yeah, i do sometimes
  12. I don't study high, but i sometimes do homework high.
  13. I, personally, do not enjoy doing any tedious work such as studying while high. I can conduct activities like restaurant cooking or driving while high, but I get distracted by more enjoyable things while high.

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