Do you still have your first piece?

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  1. My first piece was a glass color changing bowl. About a year after I got it, the glass chipped and there was a hole. I have been through many pieces, and my first piece lasted me the longest, and I think I liked it the most.

    Just saw my old bowl in my room and decided to post this, since I'm high and it's 2:32am and I have school tomorrow... and i'm bored.

  2. Nope. I traded my first peice (1ft zong) for a vapordaddy vaporizer.
  3. Sold mine for $15, kinda regret it but it wasn't good and I needed the cash.
  4. I wish, it had so many cool greens, a friend was cashing it out and broke a chunk out of the bowl some how, I went home that night and put a screen over the hole and it worked fine, sat up from the toilet to cash it out in the sink, it slipped and shatterd:(
  5. No :( I dropped it into a canal and it was hand made & wooden so it's lost forever.
  6. yep, here he is, tough as a rock, still one piece...[​IMG]
  7. no :(

    it was a bubbler.. :(:(:( I called it Dumbo

    I was cleaning it and it slipped out of my hands and fell to the floor :cry:
  8. yup, just a little spoon i have had for about 9 years.
  9. Yep, it was an orange bowl with a pretty cool twisting blue pattern, on sale at a local headshop. I remember the day we got it, probably 6 of my friends threw down for it, a couple bucks each. Haven't busted it out in a while because it's at my friend's house, but maybe soon..
  10. no i broke it. it was so sad.
  11. My first piece was given to me by a (girl)friend.. its a metal bowl and I still have it and use it regularly.. glass seems to burn my weed fastyr.
  12. got myself a mini sidecar bubbler. 3 inches big from some lady at my flea market. It ripped so steady and was strong. It even withstood getting thrown through a hole in my friends dashboard and dropping down into the underbelly of the car (his radio got stolen 2 days prior and we were getting searched--the theft was a blessing in disguise) which was surprising to me at the time.

    But no piece can withstand the hammer of a pissed off south african man. My friends dad found it along with my friends sherlock while he was holding it for me. Same guy later would smash a bong and throw a fully assembled 3 ft hookah-which he allowed his son to have and smoke in the house, against a fucking brick wall. Weed makes that man hulk smash, seems ludicrous to me.

    Sucks it only lasted around a year but she got me through some pretty sweet times. No water, hit her like a pipe. Water--fucking bubbler. Stealthy, awesome. Can't tell you how many times propel filled the bub though.
  13. Mine - a total piece of shit - still workin' just as shitty. It's like the worlds smallest bong... it's a straight pipe bong with a base and a carb, but it's only about 5 inches tall and you always light your face on fire. But it still works and I use it when there's drunks around who would break my real bong.
  14. Mine was this crappy metal bowl with a green piece of plastic around the stem,I had to throw it away at a NIN concert because we were about to pass through the metal detectors and i was so stoned i didnt realize it was in my pocket.Sometimes i miss that little thing so much.
  15. No but I do have my second piece...I think...come to think of it which did I get first? Oh well...:confused:
  16. My best friend accidentally broke it within the first hour of me owning it. :(
  17. Actually just 2 nights ago i was quite drunk while trying to pack a bowl standing up and dropped my first piece i ever had (also the first thing i ever smoked out of).

    edit: i forgot to mention it broke.
  18. 1st piece- broken
    2nd piece-taken by cops
    3rd piece-broken
    4th piece-broken
    5th piece taken by cops

    now i have my vape, bong and bowl
  19. I still have the bong I made when I was twelve from an old vitamin container, but it's just for sentimental value, now.
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    Yep, it's the bowl shown in my sig, but I've only had it three months.

    Actualllyyyy technically my first piece was a bowl that my best friend and I shared (we paid $10 each for it), I kept it in my purse and it broke when we got drunk in the woods and I lost track of where my purse was for a while. I don't really count it because I never got to use it, we had it for all of like two days, and I barely smoked back then anyway (hence why I didn't mind sharing).

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