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Do you smother your bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PsychVision, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. So my question is: When you are smoking "alone" Do you smother your bowl in-between hits so it doesn't burn away faster?

    I find that in-between hits I usually wait like 20-30 seconds before my lungs feel like they are ready for another one. :rolleyes:

    So i find myself pressing on the bowl with my finger putting the ember out because im losing all that smoke in-between hits. lol xD

    What do you think? Does it make a difference? :smoking:

    Thanks! :wave:
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  2. not sure if it makes a difference but youre not the only one who does that :D
  3. makes it last a little longer imo.
  4. when im alone i always just pack little bowls like 1 fat rip and then cash it so no
  5. Yes, I totally do this. I find I get a few more hits per bowl this way and I like the flavor better what it doesn't stay cherried.
  6. I usually use a business card or a gift card to smother my bowls.. sometimes the bottom of my grinder.. whatever is around :)
  7. Yeah, I usually cover mine with the lighter or my thumb. I've got a big callous on my thumb from putting out bowls all the time.
  8. i usually use my bic to smother it... just kinda stick in the corner to put out the ember
  9. I'm with the dude who said he packs little rips and cashes them. I do this with my pipe, and my mini-bong. It conserves weed IMO, cause instead of smoking two or three whole bowls to the head, I'll take snaps until I'm as high as I want to be, and then there's nothing left over in the bowl/bong.
  10. Guilty. I do it when I'm with friends too.
  11. Haha unprettier, sometimes I want to with friends as well. When the kids are so slow taking the bowl that the cherry goes out on its own, there's something wrong... :p
  12. I press the corner of the bottom of my bic on top of the bud.
  13. When I smoke alone a load little one hitters :smoke:
  14. I only pack snaps in my roar. About 1 snap to wake up then not another until I get off work at 6 then I have about 5 more snaps befor bed.
  15. I have to admit, I'm like the nagging mom of the group...."Don't play ball in the house, you"..."you'll put an eye out with that"..."Cover up that bowl, you're wasting weed."
  16. Yeah I always do it, it just became a habit that I can't quit now. Im pretty sure it does not save that much weed or keep that much more smoke from making more smell but whatevs.
  17. When I smoke alone I usually do small bowls and smother the bowl after every hit. Then maybe do hit or two during a song:)

  18. You said it for me haha :)
  19. I use these small screw on caps that came from my hash purchases from the dispensaries. It's the perfect size to completely cover my bowl and snuff out the cherry.
  20. one hitter quitter's all day

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