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Do you smoke out cute girls just because?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by edgarallenhoe3, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. before you decide i'm some evil incarnate, i will state that i am, in the least narcissistic way, very attractive, and have never been smoked out by a guy.
    i must also include that i am openly gay.
    do you think guys aren't smoking me out (like they do to other girls) because there's no possibility of sex after? i know straight girls are always getting away with manipulating guys for weed, but they don't put out. so what's the deal? should i be vague about my preferences and just.. lie by omission for weed? seems pretty sh*tty to do. just curious on your opinions. 

  2. So attractive that you use a picture where your face is covered by paint. Seems legit.
  3. @[member="KindaLeafy"] this thread is not, by any means, asking for opinions on my appearance, thank you. this discussion is solely about the concept of whether or not an attractive person can influence your decision to smoke them out... i don't see a photo of your beautiful face gracing grasscity forums, buck-o. reflect 
  4. smoke anyone out unless they are cunts.
  5. itt "should i use my body to get ahead?"
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    I smoke anyone out at anytime, gay or not, possibility of sex or not (as long as they're not dicks). However I could see why people would be more inclined to smoke out hot girls with the possibility of sex.
    Maybe no one wants to smoke you out because you are insanely arrogant? Leading me to believe your personality is fairly poor.
  8. Its very possible...A guy definitely will be more inclined to smoke a cute girl out if he thinks he may get laid after...I have done it before, but I have also had girls throw up either cash or bud to smoke after a couple times...Even my girlfriend who smokes as much as me chips in for half our stash because it wouldn't really be fair for me to just smoke her out all the time and vice versa...Personally, I think you never should expect that someone will smoke you out, you should offer up some food, cash or herb and if not, don't be pissed if someone doesn't smoke you out.
  9. Yeah I'll smoke out anyone as long as they're a decent person, but if some dude came up to me and said 'I'm a very attractive person, I may or may not be gay and I want you to smoke me out', they would get fuck all from me.
  10. @[member="XCITED"] I don't understand why you are so angry that I am content and well aware of my appearance? That is not what this thread is about at all? How could you make an assumption on my personality based on my saying that I am attractive? These are all rhetorics and I'm sure you are well aware that my confidence does not rely on your, or anyone's approval. I shouldn't have to defend myself on here that is not why I joined.. show some tact 
  11. hahaha, you're asking us if you should be vauge about your sexual preference in order for these chumps to smoke you out for free?  THat's why you're getting these kind of responses....
  12. I'll smoke you out if I know that the favor will most def eventually be returned. And if you're not a flaky character. That's p much my criteria lmao 
  13. ill only smoke out someone if they'll do it for me in return… i don't care what they really look like, i just want it to be fair
  14. maybe i wasn't clear enough: i'm just wondering why girls are always getting smoked out and i'm not!! i think it's a genuine inquiry 
  15. Lol 15 posts and you've already been deemed arrogant. Good lord. Calm down with the assumptions guys.

    Im not a guy, so I can't answer this from that perspective. But as a girl, I dont smoke out based on looks. And I've been smoked out by guys who are not expecting anything from me, just friends.

    But there have definitely been instances when guys want to smoke with me cuz they think it'll get them somewhere. Dummies. Lol
  16. If you never smoke me out, you ain't gettin smoked out. That's just the way it is.
    Fuck people who wanna smoke for free all the time..might get their feelings hurt if they ask.
  17. Also, I always return the favor :)
  18. don't get me wrong, I smoke my friends up all the time because I know they're good for a match in the future. I know that if i'm ever in need they are there for me... i'm not stingy with my weed by any means. i am really curious though, because there many girls i know of who are constantly getting smoked out or getting free bags (for nothing, as far as i know at least) and i don't understand why?? 
  19. They probably are persuasive and know how to get what they want. I have a friend like that. She thinks cuz shes cute she can convince these guys to do shit for her. And they do. Smoking with her, give her free bags, let her do I owe you's.

    I dont roll like that. Lol
  20. #20 I'm Ron Burgundy?, Feb 10, 2014
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    Of course  there are plenty of dudes that smoke pretty girls out either just for the company or with the hope that something sexual may happen.   As far as why they don't smoke YOU out...can't answer that. 

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