Do you smoke cigarettes? Why?

Discussion in 'General' started by Marijuana Time, May 9, 2011.

  1. I don't judge people that smoke cigarettes I just don't understand why people smoke them. I have tried smoking cigarettes and cigars but I just don't see why someone would want to do it all the time. I didn't really feel anything after I smoked except for a little small buzz and kind of light headed. After you get hooked on them does it just feel great after you smoke?
  2. No, nothing good comes from smoking them..You get a 5 minute buzz, not worth it at all.
  3. This is what I've always wondered..
  4. no buzz here, just enjoy them.

    dont ask me why, it just is what it is
  5. No it's completely pointless and causes permanent damage. I'd consider it if they were completely safe. But thats not gonna happen. Plus tobacco doesn't even look good, considering its brown shredded leaves
  6. word. just like junk food. 5 minutes of good taste...

    funny cigs + bad food - totally not worth it -- totally the biggest epidemics to sweep the world.
    lol HUMANS are fucking weak. what weak people

    i refuse to be submissive to any substance. I CONTROL IT. im strong enough mentally.. i aint no bitch

    w/e not much i can do. i eat healthy, workout, dont smoke. ill be looking and FEELING like a champ in no time.
    they'll either be jealous or lost somewhere in there shit pattern in life.

    why not do these simple things (put good things- the BEST things in your body)... so you can see and feel like what it feels like for a human being to be and preform at its very best.

    sorry for talkin shit lolz
  7. This.
  8. Yeah fuck em
  9. I don't know why I smoke, its a good stress release, great after sex and feels good when I'm drinking
  10. I just like smoking, I have to quit smoking for months at a time so I smoke cigs. I only smoke one or two a day so I dont think the effects are gonna be as bad. But can all you people really judge cigarette smokers? Im sure youve done stuff way more harmful than them.
  11. It's easy to control something you're not addicted to :p

    The thing that annoys me is that it's perfectly normal for people to shit talk me about my smoking, but it's rude to tell a fat person they should stop stuffing their face.

    I never eat fast food, eat right and exercise, but just because I smoke some people think it's their duty to tell me shit I already know (It's bad for you).
  12. ^Agreed. It's like people don't get that I KNOW that smoking is bad for me, and them telling me this isn't going to cause me to have an epiphany or some shit.
  13. GET EM :devious:
  14. well for me i like the slight lightheaded feeling sort of a quick calming feeling. i think i might try E-cigarettes since all you really want is the nicotine.
  15. I wouldn't recommend them. I mean, try them 'cause your opinion might be different, but if you smoke more than like, 4 cigs a day, they're not worth the money IMO.
  16. i only smoke bout 4 a day. i mostly just wanna try if i like them.
    theres a thread on here that a bladie made of putting cannabis tincture in one of those refillable e cigs:D
  17. i smoke cigarettes cause they calm me down. i just like them.
  18. Here's all the (real) reasons I and many others probably smoke(d) cigs.

    When you first start they make you feel more mature and older.
    They make you feel and look cool.
    Oral fixation.
    5-10 minute "breaks" are nice.
    Like to smoke stuff.
    Like the culture, enjoy other smokers.
    "I just like it."
    Good social tool.

    lol I'm just being real all these things have at least crossed my mind as positives since I've started smoking.
  19. i smoke so i have something to do with my hands
  20. Cigs are nasty and are awful for you. My friend is always like "you should stop smokin pot" and im like "you smoke cigs, theyre wayy worse for you" and he's like "cigs are legal tho" and im like "dumbass"

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