do you smoke cigarettes inside?

Discussion in 'General' started by darksmoker, May 9, 2011.

  1. inside your house or whatever you live in? haha. alot of people smoke weed inside then go outside for cigs...kinda odd. i smoke em both inside.
  2. I don't smoke cigs at all but I make people go outside. The smell of burnt tobacco last a lot longer than burnt weed.
  3. I smoke weed inside & cigs outside, i don't want my house to smell like cigarette smoke.
    You may not notice it yourself because you're too desensitized to the smell of cigarettes.

  4. I'm the same way.. cigs stay outside.. and it's not just the smell.. it turns everything yellow.. :eek:
  5. weed inside, cigarettes outside. the smell of tobacco isn't very welcoming to people who don't smoke it. weed smell doesn't linger as long.

    the exception being really really fucking cold weather, or after some awesome sex. =]
  6. No i never smoke cigarettes inside. Because i know side effect of cigarettes. I never smoke cigarettes in my life. I am afraid of cancer which can occur because of cigarette smoking. It is also affected to other people. It is bad for health. so No smoking is better for everyone.

  7. :rolleyes: gtfo

    i smoke them inside, i like the smell of cigarettes, wich is one of the reasons for which i smoke :smoke:

  8. i like the smell too - glad i'm not the only one. its not that it smells GOOD, i just like it. and nothing beats relaxin watchin your favorite show in bed with a nice cig.
  9. Tobacco smoke is radioactive and it actually bonds with your clothes and paint on your walls. Marijuana smoke is as pure as an angel's fart so it won't really do anything except smell up the room for an hour or two.
  10. I smoke both inside.

    Honestly, if you're concerned about smoking cigarettes inside because of the smell or yellow coloring you shouldn't be smoking them at all.

  11. Wow Really?? that makes so little sense it sounds like a joke.... :p

    uh maybe because I keep things of value in the house that I don't want yellow.. maybe I like my friends to visit my house more than once.. :rolleyes:
  12. lol?

    I smoke them inside sometimes in my apartment but only a couple a day and not every day at all, I'm just trying to be considerate.
  13. I smoke both in my room. I don't know if i just got used to the smell but.. Before i was allowed to smoke inside, Id take ONE puff of a cig and boom my whole room smelled like it for hours no matter what i sprayed.. same with pot. Now since im allowed i dont notice the smell within 15 minutes of it being out. Same with pot.
  14. Eh. Whatever.

    If you smoke cigarettes you're going to smell like a cigarette. From what I gathered, you must not have alot of friends if they can't tolerate the smell. :rolleyes:

    Funny how people care more about materialistic possessions than their overall health.
  15. I smoke em inside when I could. There's nothing that spells freedom more than lighting up indoors IMO.

    I actually stay inside for cigs and go outside for bud just in case the cops come with a warrant for something entirely different and come inside and smell it. Jk though.
  16. I smoke my ciggarettes outside mostly, i like to go sit on the back porch and just relax for a min.

  17. so everything I own has to smell like it to..

    really that's what you gathered from that..:rolleyes: how when I take the time to make sure they don't have to smell it.. unlike you..

    just because we smoke doesn't mean we have to own yellow stank shit.. sure I put my material stuff high on my list.. I work hard for it and like to have nice things.. the same reason I exercise daily and ride bikes daily..
  18. They don't have to smell it? Really? Is that because they're not around you? :laughing:

    Yeah, unlike you, I have friends who do not mind the smell of it and also enjoy having a casual smoke inside a nice warm house when it's below zero outside. :rolleyes:
    It's not like my whole house smells like cigarette smoke either, I only smoke in my living room.

    Only the white things are going to turn yellow, much like your teeth but I'm sure you already know this. If you truly can't stand that "stank shit", then why don't you quit smoking?

    Cause you're going to smell like that pretty much 24/7

  19. already working on it.. ;)

    as for all the rest of that shit well you don't know me and I don't know you so I'm not going to keep going at this.. agree to disagree and have a nice day :wave:
  20. of course i do . its awesome

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