Do you see any problems? How do these ladies look to you?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Swampy, May 19, 2010.

  1. First time indoor grow here!

    Just wondering if anyone can see any problems developing by the pictures shown.
    Started flowering these Apr 27

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  2. The close up photo shows some edge leaf curl up. It recently went thru a hot day that required more transpiration. Besides that I see healthy plants.
  3. What a bunch of pretty girls! Congrats! Nice leaves, so healthy and perky! I am jealous!

    Keep up the good work, man!
  4. you may need some nutes in about 3 days. I see some yellow forming.

    You could probably increase nutrient levels as well. I see no indications of nute burn, which means your not riding the edge close enough. (unless you're a super amazing pro) Otherwise, you plants are pristine.

    Idealy you don't want nute burn, but if you don't get close enough to burn the a few tips on the lower leaves, you could still be gaining budding momentum.
  5. Jeez man, you could have just said "Revel in the beauty that are my plants", lol. No need to mask it and ask whats wrong. hahaha. Just messin with ya. They are beautiful man, keep it up.
  6. hey dude can you post a step-by-step as to what you did because im thinking about starting an indoor plant soon and these plants look amazing.
  7. They look great too me...Good job. :D
  8. Setup:
    400watt MH/HPS digital ballast
    w/heavy duty timer

    3.5 Gallon containers

    Roots Organic grow medium by Aurora

    Iguana Juice Grow & Bloom by Advanced Nutrients

    20” carbon filter w/exhaust fan


    Heater (if needed)

    A/C (if needed)

    Oscalating fans

    Tempature/Humidity guage

    PH tester

    PH Pro Up/Down

    Well Water (water is PH 7.2 from well)

    Room Conditions:

    Room size 7’X12’X8’ high
    Contains Water heater & laundry sink. (My old laundry room)

    Temp 77-78 day … 72-73 night

    Humidity 45%


    Strain unknown

    Soaked seeds in shot glass w/bottled water 24 hrs

    planted seeds in 12 spot jiffy seed starter/humidity dome under floros.

    Started with 6, three turned out to be males.

    Vegged 42 days Lights, 18/6

    Switched to Flower 12/12 April 27

    Water twice a week, on Mondays & Thursday's & or sometimes Mondays & Fridays

    Give nutes once every other week, used PH Pro PH Down to correct water & no correction with nutes & water, also check runoff to see PH Level.
  9. Thanks for the comments!
    Everything I am trying, I learned right here.
    Best avdice I can give, is to read, read, & read some more!
    And when you think your ready, ............ read a little more.
    I still read as much as I have time to.
    I'm enjoying this so very much right now, it's so rewarding!

  10. hahahaha:laughing: dude foreal these things look fucking beautiful to me!
    keep it up and happy toking!
  11. Just a update of some pictures from today.:D

    Sorry for the bad images, these are from my phone.

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  12. yes, looks like you have a huge problem. those beautiful girls wont be ready to smoke until another month and a half.:D lookin real good. keep it up:smoking:

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