Do you see a civil uprise immenent in the u.s. ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chicken, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. with evrything going on in the world,,,, and the uprest we have here at home in the u.s.

    where the people are basically fed up with the government,, and the peoples total loss of power to control our elected officials....

    our tax-dollars went out the window years were spending '' BORROWED'' money....

    and what happens when our debter '' china'' cpmes to collect?

    sure they will approach the government for thier payment.....but what about the radical groups of this country....

    will they sit by and watch our country slowly be claimed by a foreign country?

    or will the 2'nd ammendment become the only way to defend our country,,,,

    the pot is boiling,,, and about to overflow,,, theres a storm on the horizon,,,,

  2. only time will tell, but more than likely yes, we need another revolution:metal:
  3. They probably knew something like this would happen, which is why they spent so much on military, you need big guns to be a successful robber
  4. i'd fight alongside any man,,, as long as we were for the same cause,,,,,

  5. chicken your posts scare the fuck out of me when im stoned
  6. i wouldnt suggest you come in this section when high then,,,,

    because in here im a buzzkiller,, a dose of REALITY....:cool:

    but shits brewing....

  7. Why is there a soviet flag in that pic? and why is obama a traitor?
  8. the soviet flag and the china flag are one and the same,,,,this day and time....

    .....and why is he a traitor? in 2 years so cant answer that question yourself,,?

  9. obesity.... television.... complete dependence on "easy fix" technology......

    i think our government has thoroughly thwarted this plan the past few decades
  10. our government has a bomb ass military BUT if there was an uprise (i think its about time), i think a large group of the soldiers would be on the peoples side.. if you havent noticed lately there is one thing most people are agreeing on.. the people have no say anymore, we are lied to, we pay for their top secret bullshit that we know nothing about, we are having our phones tapped, we are being controlled, and washington thinks they are above the law for many years now.... i honestly think there is going to be a lot of homegrown rebellion groups forming.. tension is really starting to grow.. our government needs some common sense shoved up their ass
  11. See it? I want to LEAD it!

  12. Dude im down
  13. Civil uprise has been on the horizon for a long , long time . attacks have been done , and will continue sadly .
  14. dude id be down
  15. dose of insanity is more like it. i've heard people on all sides talking about revolution or emigration for as long as i can remember and it never happens, so i doubt what you're talking about is anything more than a pipe dream in your fantasy land.
  16. i'll help as long as we don't hand it over to tea party nutjobs, weak-ass surrendercrats, or anyone who says they will refuse to compromise. if we can have a country again where we actually try and respect our differences, you can count me in. else, you can expect me to fight against you even though the current system is shit (we don't need things getting worse still). and quite frankly, this talk of revolution just sounds like a bunch of my-way-or-the-highway jerks who just fucking HATED it when people had ANYTHING bad to say about Bush and now won't even acknowledge that the President is American. these are the people who make me wish the cold war ended in a flash.
  17. well said

  18. First off Obama is an American his allegience is to globalists. Secondly the people who are saying my way or the highway are refering to this old peice of paper that everyone tramples on now a days called The Constitution. There are to ways of thinking in america, Indivualist or Collectivist. And sorry but if you are agaisnt the constituion, for the war on drugs, for larger government, agaisnt states rights, want the world to be nerfed aka a nanny state then you can GTFO and go to canada.

    America was founded on certain principles. And that is why people are my-way-or-the-highway. I don't want government in my life to the extent that it is today.

  19. that made me laugh

    and that made me cry......

    this poser is anything but a american....

    it will be a person as myself,,,,, A RIGHT-WING NUT JOB.....a anarchist...borderline racist....

    a person infused with insanity....[ AT LEAST ALL THEM TITLES IVE BEEN CALLED }...

    who fires the first you think some government loving liberal is going to stand-up... or shit in his pants,,,,???

    perhaps you should read some of THOMAS JEFFERSON'S letters,,,,he was a man that seen the future,, a government such as the one we got now,, would create...:cool:
  20. The only people that the Revolution would ever be handed over to, are the Citizens of the United States.

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