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Do You Qualify for MMJ?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by XxChaosXLovexX, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. I'm tired of the never ceasing flood of "Do I qualify for MMJ" threads. For Christ sakes do a google search or something. If you can't reasonably determine your eligibility from previous threads (and what you yourself can gather on Medical Marijuana) then you probably shouldn't be smoking at all.

    I'm making this thread because it's becoming somewhat of an eye sore.

    Frankly, any moderate to severe physical condition is usually a valid reason for MMJ, and the same applies to some mental conditions. I have seen people with ADD get cards, or Bipolar Disorder get cards. Generally speaking you can obtain a card for whatever symptoms you have that cannabis alleviates. So please, for the love of god, stop asking stupid questions. This isn't an attack on anyone in particular, just my response to the repetitive nature of some threads/posts.

    Peace & love. :)
  2. I second that. I found plenty of resources on here alone to figure it out.

    While you may not find your exact symtoms listed on the NORML website, just take whatever it is that ailes you into a MJ doctor and tell them how MJ helps you.
  3. ive read that you can get it for just about anything (insomnia,Depression,cant eat) Its just about finding the right Dr. Im not sick at all but im pretty sure if i lived in CA i chould get it by just finding the right doctor.
  4. + rep. It seems that instead of doing some simple research, everyone just decides to ask grasscity.

    Whenever i have a question it goes friends, google, and then if neither have helped i'll ask my lovely friends at GC, but only if i cannot find the answer elsewhere.
  5. You speak only of California law. Each state has its own qualifying condistions so your advice is not factual.


  6. Then feel free to add any information you can and Chaos Lover can add it to the original post. Perhaps sticky this, mods? It would be nice if there was a thread telling what you need to get a card in different MMJ states and you can post in the thread instead of starting a new one every single time.

    oh and +1 rep.
  7. #7 XxChaosXLovexX, Feb 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009
    Uhm, actually smart guy, I wasn't speaking about any state in particular. I was speaking in general. The state is only partially involved anyway, it's mainly the individual physician who decides whether or not MMJ is an adequate treatment for you.

    And what advice did I give? Furthermore, who the fuck said anything about facts?

    You spelled 'conditions' wrong by the way.

    EDIT: And thanks to the people who actually UNDERSTOOD my post. :)
  8. /Signed.

    Having a "Do I Qualify FAQ"!!

    Yes Please!:hello:
  9. Wish this could get a sticky
  10. I PM'ed Chillax, let's see if he takes kindly to the idea.
  11. If this is going to be stickied I'll elaborate further on my original post and add a list of illnesses that might qualify one for MMJ.
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