Do you put roaches in blunts ?

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  1. in my smoking career, ive never gotten around to rolling a blunt, mainly because I could never be bothered to be honest but I got a bit sick of fast burning joints, and im trying to cut down on bongs altogether for a bit (having a baby in 5 months!) and I want to know,

    when I roll a blunt, do I just wrap it up or do I make a roach out of cardboard like I would for a joint ?

  2. you could make a cardboard roach, however i never have done that on a blunt. congratulations on the child.
  3. thanks man, so when you roll them do you just twist both ends ?
  4. wait, explain why u need to cut down on bongs and switch to blunts because of a baby on the way?
  5. If you're basically asking us how to roll a blunt, here's your answer.
    [ame=]YouTube - How to roll a blunt with a swisher sweet[/ame]
  6. [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    thats how i learned.
  7. Yeah, it just makes logical sense tbh.
  8. I never have one in my blunts, only joints. :smoking:
  9. If you don't put a roach in, whats stopping the weed from flying into your mouth when you take a drag? and how do you finish off the whole bunt?!? where do you hold it from?!?!?!?
  10. If you can roll a joint, you should have no problem Rollin a blunt just remember to be gentle no one likes a big hole on their blunt

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  11. LOL..hold it until it starts burning your hand or you just don't want to smoke it no more..
    A nice rolled blunt won't have weed flying in your mouth...key is packing it in shape before you roll...
  12. I just broke up a bunch of roaches and rolled a blunt......

    Thought that's what you were asking about....
  13. I actually learned how to roll before I even touched a bong :/ It helped though, I learned how to roll a blunt faster then rolling papers. Is too easy, just try a few times.
  14. I think OP means, putting the roaches(non-finished joints) and roll it up in a blunt.
    In his second post he said he complained about fast burning joints so guessing that is what he meant.
    I know my friends who smoke a lot of joints do that.  Put joint roaches in a jar  until they have a shit load. Open up the roaches and dump the remaining bud into the blunt and roll it up. 
  15. He is asking about putting a roach in the end like a joint. It depends on if you like smoking with a roach or not. It's upto you nobody can tell you what you will and will not like.

    Stay Smokey! !

  16. I always use an active charcoal filter for my blunts. You can usually get them in tobacco shops for smoking pipes. Just roll them in like you would with any normal roach (they're usually fatter, so expect a rather large blunt). They reduce the drag a bit and make for a cooler and more pleasant hit. I highly recommend it, has really made blunts a pleasure for me.
  17. You shouldn't have a 'roach' in a blunt, it makes it taste papery imo. What you can do, which I think is great, is make a stem crutch. most stems when you bend them they will snap but not break, just snap it into a bundle, and maybe put a little weed in the middle of it to stick the stems together. I make my stem crutches like 2cm long at the most, they can really save a blunt from getting nig lipped. The downside is not smoking literally all of the blunt, but who really likes harsh finger burners anyway
  18. nah no roach in a blunt, unless you are using cyclones with their dank tip 
  19. When I read the thread title I was thinking of something like a turducken.
  20. I would put roaches in my blunts and they smoke perfect. People say its not really a blunt if you use a roach but I disagree, its just more enjoyable, and can you argue with this roll?

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