do you prefer your pet over humans ?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Deleted member 948257, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. my dog is my best friend im sad to think what ill be like when he dies
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  2. I prefer my pup over most people for sure. He's gettin older and he's pretty big (1/2 mastiff 1/2 Great Dane) so I'm gonna try to make the most outta the next year or two he's got left.
  3. Yes I love my cats when ever I go over to my dad's they follow me around and want me to hold them. I love them and they love me :)

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  4. my dogs over people
  5. I love my cat and I love my dog, but nah... I need some of you human fuckers in my life, or I'd fucking die because of boredom.
  6. "yeah, i like dogs over babies n dogs over being round ppl" rite now.
  7. My cats are awesome and people suck. My oldest cat 'sophie' needs her catnip like i need my bud.
  8. I have a Lab and he is my best friend. Sometimes he drives me crazy enough to get really angry at him sometimes but still he is the only one who understands me the most :)

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