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Do you prefer grinders or using your hands

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ohio Grassroots, May 20, 2010.

  1. Give it to me, Il put it to good use ;)
  2. Always used scissors or hand grinders.
  3. Grinders, gotta love that kief
  4. I smoke joints, and I personally find the small powder that the grinders breaks the bud down too, makes the joints burn much faster -- I like breaking it by hand and leaving it in somewhat tiny chunks, which makes the joint burn much much slower -- but that is just me!

    I also find smoking bowls of ground up buds to affect the taste? Maybe that is just me though, a mental thing, because I have never heard of that before.
  5. I find that MOST grinders break up bud so that it burns faster. Also when i grind up bud and i roll blunts it doesnt burn the way id like it to. When i can, i use a cheap counterfeit grinder with like 5 teeth that breaks it up to a larger consistency.
  6. I like the grinder, and use it for most things that I use a lot. Vaporizer, joints, occasional bong. Sometimes I like to get out the scissors for some rolling, if its really fresh dank. Otherwise i'll grind it for those uses.
    but I normally just smoke a bud that I clip off with scissors. One clean snip and perfect size every time, no residue, no worry about smell on fingers (it happens really easily with some strains).

    Lately though, I've been using my grinder as a polen factory.
    This is kief from probably 1g of weed.
    I've been grinding through an oz of popcorn nugs/sugar leaves and then tapping it out. Not nearly finished, but I've gotten a gram+ of kief from it.

    Heres a picture of that with a loaded bowl of kief + scissored bud:
    So ya, you can say I'm sold on grinders, but like everything, in moderation.
  7. Hey sardonic, if youre looking for kief, try putting a nickel on top of your screen and shaking your ground up buds for a couple seconds after each grind, looks like you're no kief noob tho lol. Only other thing id reccomend is buying a pollen press, or just turning it into hash by heating it inside a plastic bag, theres techniques for this all over youtube.
  8. i use my grinder all the time i love it so much.

  9. I totally agree lol. I hate when I go to roll one up and I just can't get a grip on the paper.
    I break up my bud with my hands, unless I have to grind up a lot in a hurry for whatever reason. Grinding whole buds is alright, but sometimes the grinder will end up shredding stems or seeds or something. Either works though. Depends on the weed.
  10. I will say I do enjoy breaking up some dank with my hands, but grinders are alot better, grinds the weed so fine and it roasts perfect, plus thc is obsorved by body heat, so when your breaking it up with your hands your losing alot of Thc

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