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Do you prefer grinders or using your hands

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ohio Grassroots, May 20, 2010.

  1. Depending on the bud I'm using I love to break it up with my fingers. Lets me determine how fine I want it and also ensures I have every stem and seed out.
  2. the shit i been gettin latley sucks a fat one, like its such brick weed its hard to even break up by hand. usually i cut it up with scissors in a med bottle. my normal guy isnt around right now so im prly just gonna t-break for a while.
  3. i like grinders if i want some good fine weed for joints and keep it in a bottle for later otherwise i make a big bud into minnie buds then just use my hands to get all the crap i dont want off
  4. I used to always break down with my hands until I got a grinder. I love it man, its the way to go
  5. i love breaking up some fine dank with my fingers into a glass piece, whether a bong or pipe. A clean bong with water and some ice and some dank is the shit...:cool:
  6. If I'm twisting something up or just loading a bowl ill use a grinder, but if I'm making oil i break it up by hand. :metal:

  7. thats gay as hell man, i suppose its like the ghanja equivalent of God teaching us patience by us not getting what we want (the retarded christian interpretation of what just happens, plain and simply, there's nothin more to it. I digress). But I guess the shitty bud makes the dank seem even better, right? lol...:smoke:
  8. My grinder has cobwebs in it.
  9. Sharp scissors all the way.
  10. My fingers have cobwebs on em :devious:

    Oh and yeah grinders are the shit, i needs that kiefs yo!
  11. This for me, works fine.

  12. this is how I feel.

    Also I've heard of people using coffee grinders but never personally seen it or done it. Anyone got experience with them?
  13. i use to like the feel of grinding it with my hands, but then convenience took over and i got myself a grinder. one of the best decisions i've made IMO. i dont have to deal with sticky fingers or anything like that. usually i'll pour out the grinder after i ground up the bud and take out the seeds/stems, then put it back in. its how i like to do it.
  14. grinder! gotta love that kief:smoke:
  15. grinder for everything. When i'm dry, the mixture of all the keif is amazing.
  16. fingers for everything. more natural and lets me inspect and savor my bud :hello:

  17. We have a winner. Have another green dot.
  18. Same as me, right here.
  19. Who the fuck cares about sticky fingers? I love gettin the cannabis oils on my fingertips, makes em glow...ha....
  20. If you do it right you don't even get all that much, if any, on your fingers. I take my time, calyx by calyx, and break it up. It's all part of the joy of cannabis.

    Grinders are convenient but they are a brute force approach that makes up for lack of patience and skill in breaking up buds. Nothing wrong with that, if that's someone's preference that's cool. I'm just sayin'.

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