Do you play an instrument?

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  1. Does anybody play any instruments? I play the drums and guitar. Not in a band though.

  2. There are a lot of musicians on GC, and a lot of very good musicians at that.
    As for me, my first true love is the guitar. I can also play the drums, bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, harmonica, fiddle, piano, and trumpet. I've never picked up something I couldn't play, and thank God for that talent, because he didn't help me out much elsewhere. :laughing:
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    I studied trumpet for 18 years...piano for 10...
    I've also been known to play the trombone, french horn, euphonium, saxophone, clarinet, flute, piccolo, oboe, and a few others...
    I :love: music...
  4. i wish....
  5. I just chop up real musicians music. I use reaper to make beats using illegal samples but def not a musician
  6. Just started playing piano

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  7. I recently started the alto sax

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    Hey, same here. I've played pretty much everything that's been in an orchestra, and some Indian instruments too. I'm another one of those dudes that got just a few crazy genes and then a bunch of shitty genes, hahahaha. That's cool with me, God, just give me geeky chicks and sheet music to read to my heart's content.
  9. Trumpet and Piano and I know enough drums to get by if i had to
  10. Been playing drums for 5 and a half years now,
    It's suprising how creative you can be after a few tokes.. hehehe :smoke:
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    One of my artists is Amon Tobin, and he essentially does what you just described. I still consider him a musician despite him not actually playing an instrument. He's still creating music. 
    Myself, I've played drums for about 14 years now I believe. Piano for 1-2 years. I would like to learn bass as well.
  12. piano/keyboard
    drum machine
    and i would like to learn guitar but i need to buy one 
  13. Piano and very very bad electric bass.
  14. Been playing guitar for about 15 my Martin acoustic.  Other than that, i've dabbled in bass and drums.  I really enjoy drums but i don't have a kit neighbors and drums don't mix well haha. 
  15. piano since i was 4 years old
  16. I play the acoustic guitar a lot, but I love my electric also. I'm also a bass player, harmonica, and I've dabbled on the uke and violin. I really want a drum set next tho!
  17. That's still something legitimate, but I think that that would be a composer rather than a musician.
  18. drums since 6, piano since 8, guitar, bass, sax since 12, ukulele and didgeridoo recently. all self taught now that i think about it lol.
  19. Guitar and been messing with the drums for the past year

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  20. guitar for over 20 years now

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