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Do you name your bongs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by larrytron, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Mine are all individuals - with their own names and unique 'taste'....

    Dont ask me which one I like the most cause I love all my children the same .... hehe
  2. I name my main pieces. I have bubbles, lilly, bongo, and charlene (probably spelled it differently). I usually name my acrylics because I know they'll be around for a while.
  3. Names of my bongs

    Lil Ripper

    The Rabi







    Jam Jar


    and he rest i cant remember at this point in time

    RIP to the following comrades:


    Fuckin' Aye

    May they rest in pieces cause some stupid stoned cunt sent them tumbling to an early retirement - RIP
  4. my huge bong i made last night is called shaft :D

    its a big black shaft. about 31/2 feet long. very cool. all home hardware style.
  5. I made a mini bong and its name is mini, but now its in the woods under a bench :(
  6. usually only the ones i make myself... but if theres one i bought and was manufactured that got used loads, that had alot of character.... it would be worthy of being dubbed such and such. :D

    my named bongs are (the ones that survive today anyways) :

    The Blue Tull Bong. a true vetran.

    The JIMIbong. my future vetran. ;p

    Mr Chrome. unless he gets improvements soon... he'll be getting destroyed, maybe made into some nunchucka.
  7. haha mines name is SLIME!
  8. :eek:

    i had forgotten Blue tull!

    hehe, dont mind me. just nostalgia trippin. :D

    Just took a whack outta the JIMIbong when it was full wi ice. washing machine soapbar!
  9. I have a no name 18' straight tube with ice notches and a white/baby blue bowl with diffy that i like to call "Ice Beam" My phx is unamed.I doubt i will name it tho
  10. I actually dont name my pieces. We tried it before, but it always turned out like "Ey dog, hand me the muhfuggin bong". The names never stuck :D
  11. nice nice i have names for one of my several pipes - Thats about it The other ones are just pee ons
  12. I just call my pieces, pipe, or bong. I only have two, maybe if i was obsessed with glass I'd understand why people name pieces.
  13. I decided to name my zong "The Zonglongigus", don't ask why, just seemed like the thing to do at the time haha.
  14. I named my bong Angelina.
  15. hell yea my bongs name is big red and my pipes name is st. patrick. big red hookd up a wake an bake sesh.
  16. I only have one and I went with Dr.Leary.
  17. Naming bongs when your stoned is fun

    I have Gilbert
    Lady Red
    And Smeagle
  18. My bong is awesome, its clear and pyrex, so i put small stickers about every 2 inches and they are the different levels of how stoned you can get.

    You get catch the violent disease, get fucked up to The Frakas, Go for Rewards, Or attain the highest honor yet. The Never Ending Dream.

    And that is the name of the bong, The Never Ending Dream
  19. Yeah, I named all of my pieces so far. Names include Nova and the Answer.
  20. yup .. i named the three pieces i currently have...i figure all the time i spend with them ...shoot a first name basis is a must! :D

    happy tokin guys!!!

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