Do you miss high school?

Discussion in 'General' started by Crates, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Do I miss it.... HELL YES.. Zero responsibility, blazing everyday with friends, skipping class. I think I had sex with more girls my senior year than I have in the past 10. 10 year reunion is this June should be interesting and lots of fun

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  2. I miss the feeling of my high school girl friends mouth sucking my cock but thats about it
  3. not really. i do miss the feeling of "i have so much time to get this done"... now it's been replaced with "i'm late with everything" (no matter how much i accomplish). 
  4. I hated high school. Learning was never enjoyable there. Nor did anything I did there made me feel proud.
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    I don't miss anything about school. Maybe prom, but that's about it. I got out of there as fast as I could, lol.

    Scratch that...the one thing I do miss is taking brick masonry classes. Some of the best opportunities and memories of my life so far. My former instructor still comes into my work place from time to time and we chat.
  6. I miss the fuck out of junior and senior year.
  7. No, i was a total mess of a human being, angry and high all the time i was not myself at all. 
    I could've become something more but shit i would not have time to reflect and would probably still be the same shitty human being, im happy with who i am now so fuck it. 
  8. Definitely! I had nothing to worry about, just chilling all the way through school, work is a completely different thing.
  9. I miss being around all the girls but other than that not really anything else
  10. Is it true In america you can keep repeating a year? So you could have someone in there mid twenties still in their last year of school?
  11. This is my first year out of high school ! I miss blazing on the way to school and kicking it with the homies , the smoking carries on and we live our lives

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  12. Yes I miss it but I know it has to finish. It is just a period of life, I have good moments there, but I feel more free now.
  13. There some yes and no
    - Made a few good friends (in which i still hang out to this day)
    - Perving on the girls (girls are at their prime in high school.... its just wouldn't be the same now)
    - School formal (in which i got drunk)
    - Some teachers
    - Timing (sometimes i have early class, but eh, you gotta get used to it)
  14. Most public school systems prohibit anyone from going to a standard high school past their 21st birthday. Though some people will push it all the way up to that point, hell, I had a sixteen year old classmate when I was in seventh grade :eek:
  15. lol thats mental

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