Do you miss high school?

Discussion in 'General' started by Crates, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. ?
    If so, what do you miss about it?

  2. Life with no consequences
  3. I miss going to my friends house EVERYDAY and smoking like a gram and being high for the rest of the afternoon.

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  4. No. I went to a continuation school, and it was the most ridiculous experience of my life.
  5. Meh. Don't miss it. It was fun but that's that life's muey bueno right now :)

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  6. Yes, and no. I get nostalgic feelings because it was a lot of fun. But the only way I can say I miss it, is that I wish I could go back and do some stuff different. But highschool was, weed, music and girls. That's all that mattered, nothing else to worry about. 
  7. Fuck no, I like this university thing better. Although it is expensive as fuck, the atmosphere is so much better and there's a smaller concentration of shitty people.
  8. I wish I had sex more in hind sight

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  9. I would say I miss middle school more than high school. High school was fun and all but lots more interesting things happened in middle school. Even Elementary school was more fun than high school.
  10. well my dad kept telling me i should join more clubs and activities and that i would regret not doing more, and here i am regretting i didnt do more lol.
    im over it, but if i could go back and be more involved i would, but the fact is, i wouldve never known how real life gets after high school so best just to drop it and move on.
  11. No. I hated it. I hated it so much I quit my jr. Year. I did horrible in school, I probably had 1.6 GPA. Went to college and had a 3.8 and graduated with honors phi beta kappa

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  12. Not worrying about bills for SHIT. That's what I miss.
    That and the mindset of "If I skip school today... and the day after, and maybe the day after that, nothing will really happen." Now, I miss one class here, another there, and shit hits the fan. It's also not nearly as exciting to skip college classes, particularly if you're actually, you know, paying for them.
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    Sorta I miss all the stuff we got away with and skipping class like 4x a day to smoke. Don't miss a lot of the people though. Oh yea all the vacations (thanksgiving, Christmas, fuckin Easter, February break, spring break) lol
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  14. The thing I miss the most are my friends. Our group drifted away and now none of us hang out together.
  15. kinda not Highschool in general but just the people. also just how easy it was. it's funny how much you hate it when your their but kinda miss it later.
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    Is it bad if I skip a lot in college but keep my grades to like 75%? It's really easy and dumb and my rents are paying for it ... God I feel awfull

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    Edit.. Like u skip a class every two weeks or so, and I don't skip one class, I switch classes I'm going to miss...
  17. miss ma friends but otherwise fuck highschool that was hell
  18. I miss it.. I had so many more connections in high school. I had a lot more time to fuck around, and I also experienced a lot of great things for the very first time
  19. I miss it. That's when I was actually happy a little bit

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