Do you miss high school?

Discussion in 'General' started by Crates, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Same. Had some fun times for sure, but you couldn't pay me to do it again.

  2. I miss a few of the people. And the lack of responsibility. But pretty much everything else has been better in college. I didn't start smoking till college, and I feel like I created a new identity. I was known as a huge nerd in high school, but I did go out and drink and whatnot. When I got to college, I kinda reinvented myself, had a lot more friends, started working out and whatnot.

    There were good times in high school, and I'm nostalgic about it, but not living with my parents is actually really nice. They're great, but I love being on my own. Plus smoking in my house whenever is pretty nice.
  3. Nope not a bit

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    High school was a breeze. I think I only ever got lower than a B once.
  5. I miss all the fine biatches.

    'Too blessed to be stressed'
  6. The bitches man
  7. Great minds think a like my friend
  8. is american high school actually like in films with different cliques? lol ye I miss the early years of high school just dossing about causing havoc i knuckled down the last two years and got good grades so that was less fun but worth it
  9. Much more in some high schools than in other high schools.
  10. i just find it funny like i was the type of person whod speak to anyone yet kids in american high schools come across as dickheads who stick to their clique and wont talk to other kids. Suppose you have much bigger schools aswell though. I wish sports in high school were as big here as in america I would of loved that
  11. I miss the social aspect of high school. I wish I had more girlfriends and went to more football games, but that's the past.
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    Not at all, at least not in my experience. The American school system that is portrayed endlessly in movies is actually pretty laughable by comparison, in that I think most of the American high school culture is pretty mundane by comparison. Cliques weren't necessarily established in my school, it was just kind of people resonating with other people with similar mentalities and interests. My inner circle of friends was and still is comprised 95% of people I genuinely grew up with from elementary school and through college (I opted out of going to college as I was already proficient at my craft and wanted real world experience instead of debt). I enjoyed the social aspect of high school though, and I was pretty much the black kid that most people knew of and had no problem with. My best friend and I were basketball players, I was also a nerd, an anime buff, a bit of a class clown who also held up my grades moderately-well for someone who day dreamed in class a lot, and I think that's what made high school pretty positive for me. I had a little bit of each "clique", even though it wasn't established that there were any. It's not like only the football players and cheerleaders sat together- I mean there were definitely groups that had that dynamic, but that was mostly because those are the people who clicked on that level and had that history. If you played football middle school through high school, chances are you knew the cheerleaders who did the same.

    Looking back on it now though, there are times I do wish I hadn't taken high school so seriously- where I would have expressed my views, opinions, and character a little more earnestly instead of taking it so seriously. I'm a pretty opinionated person, but when you are in a place for 6 hours a day, with rules, and authority figured that require you to even ask to take a piss, it's very easy to kind of fall into that "sit down, shut up, do your work" mentality. I wish I had disobeyed a little more and taken a few more chances pulling pranks, verbally antagonizing the bullshit some teachers spewed, and not being so conservative. That's who I feel I am at my core, and I think the American school system for a lot of kids, ultimately distracts them from who they are. We're taught that they are preparing us for the "real world", but there are very few things you take with you from high school. Nothing worth being taught is obtained by being confined by four walls with only one person's views and rhetoric being espoused.

    So I guess to answer the OP's question: Collectively I would say I don't miss high school. It was a pit stop that was enforced with this bullshit notion that if I didn't make it the 4 years I'd be a fucking loser. Which is pretty ironic because, not to take anything away from teachers, but the majority of them spend an insane amount of time in college to become teachers, just to work for shit pay in an establishment that isn't actually that overall enlightening to the minds they are molding. The curriculum and the lack of free choice actually restricts the learning process and the genuine desire to learn. When you're bored, you could give a shit. That has always been my largest critique of the American educational system. If I'm not mistaken the Netherlands have a school system in high school where they can select courses that appeal to what they feel they might want to do later on in life, and the credits for those courses are applied accordingly. If you're not trying to be an accountant, you don't have to take fucking algebra or trigonometry. If you want to do art, you can take courses that are relevant to art. But America approaches the minds of youths from the same kind of narcissistic and egotistical philosophy of manifest destiny, so we attack education through a "let's make them the most well-rounded" we can, so we are better than everyone else collectively" mind set. We use the education of our youth as a means to compete, and I'm not saying that other countries don't do the same- it's at a different scale. This sounds all well and good, but there's no such thing as a "well-rounded" individual. We all suck at certain things- if those certain things happen to be the fact that you fucking suck at the mandatory secondary language course you have to take, guess whose GPA just took a massive hit, and guess whose chances at acceptance to the college they want has been altered because they have been forced to take a class that is fucking pointless to them? It's all so flawed, but the people you are around day after day offer up this feeling of comradery of sorts that is hard to explain. It's like a massive family, and even though there's a lot of bullshit, there's a lot of warmth you feel in belonging to such a large group of individuals who are all going through the same shit as you. After college, minus your friends and actual family, you don't necessarily have that feeling anymore. You're an individual of 7 billion, but no one's confined in a box with you anymore. Because there's no box and no boundaries, they're not forced to acknowledge you as an individual, get to know you, or even acknowledge the fact that you exist.
  13. ^ holy shit man, quite a response. anyway though yeah i do sort of miss high school. it was a great time for the most part, a lot of first experiences and care free living. it was much easier to just kick back with friends back then. 
  14. all i did was skip class, meet people, and party... it was something like college but younger version  lol... unless you went to a trash school
  15. yeah, sometimes
  16. I miss certain teachers, some were really insightful. But I don't miss the petty drama of high school. I was quiet and reserved, but still likable. About 99% of the "relationships" I witnessed were incredibly superficial, and would end by summer vacation, so I never even attempted "dating". All in all, I just waited it out, and went to class stoned out of my mind every day during my junior/senior years. I believe I finished with a 3.0 GPA.

    College is better by leaps and bounds, I cannot stress that enough! There's next to no drama, and the increase in maturity is evident. No more crazy girls who text you nonstop, then randomly stop, and get pissed when you keep trying to talk to them, saying you should "take the hint", only to blow you up for pills two weeks later cause they know you smoke weed, therefore you MUST have other connections... :rolleyes:

    I'm having a much better time taking classes that actually interest me, and meeting equally interesting and thoughtful people. Though high school was fun in the sense that bud would blast me into space, the rest of my life has improved DRASTICALLY since graduating.

    College>>>>>High School. :smoke:
  17. great post man that just sounds like the education system here in england. Strict curriculums all geared towards academic sucess, struggling kids dumped. Not enough life discussion, PSHE (not sure what you call it stands for personal social health educatio ), PE etc.

    I wish Id of been a different person through my school life, always felt like a twat but powerless to change how I was. Still feel like that today a lot of the time. Feel like I wasted a lot of opportunities and worried too much about how I appeared... guess thats the same for most people, I wasnt even that bad for being motivated by popularity but still. I feel like I failed to make proper relationships, with friends or girlfriends. Just sort of drifted through. Wish I knew what I know now when I was 13. Im only 18 aswell, wonder if when Im 40 Ill be saying wish I knew what i know now when I was 18 lol. I guess thats life probably not best to dwell on the past too much.

    I hate the school system though, it encourages selfishness and money/job motivation instead of focusing on the important things in life - how to be happy and how to be a part of society. What the fucks academics got to do with intelligence anyway, its only one thing. I respect the opinion of some people and family I know who cant read and write properly more then someone who has got all the fancy qualifications.

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