Do you lose your sense of direction when you smoke?

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  1. Normally, i have a really good sense of direction. I always know where i am, which direction home is, and how to get anywhere i need to go. However, when i smoke and try and go somewhere, i lose all sense of direction and end up getting lost, which is kind of fun to do when you're high anyway.

    Last semester, 5 of us got in my friends car, and drove a couple miles away to a nice dark alley. Usually we just smoke out the window of the dorm, but whatever. We baked out his car bigtime. I don't think i've ever been more stoned in my life. We were trying to get back home, and none of us could get there. We were all lost, and we all had different opinions on which way to go. I know i was wrong about which way to go.

    We did finally make it back, and then we couldn't find a parking spot and we drove around the lot for seriously 45 minutes before we found one. Everytime we would go around again, we would all crack up about the fact that we couldn't park, and we had gone around like 50 times.

    But anyways, do you guys get lost more easily when you're stoned?
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  2. LOL, this one really hits home with me. I don't have a good sense of direction to begin but it only gets worse when I'm stoned. I can remember times when I first start smoking when I'd be driving down a road and almost start to panic thinking, "where the fuck am I and how did I get here?!" Only to realize another mile down the road, when I see a store I recognize, that I'm like 5 min from home. :p
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  3. I ve done that many a time
    it s like where the fuck am i oh my god where am i
    i some how ended in this field cause i didnt no where i was going lol
    Dont fly 2 high
  4. once, a few months ago, me and a friend had just finished smoking in the woods behind my house, and he couldn't remember which way to go to get back to my house, and the thing is, we'd been back there probly a million times in the past
  5. I used to lose my sense of direction when I first started smoking. In fact, the first time I got stoned, I had to drive some people home, and I had no idea what street I was on at any particular time. People had to navigate me to their homes. But now, after a few years of toking, I don't seem to have that problem anymore.
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    One of the subtle signs my Brother was abusing cannabis; he would loose direction or be slightly
    wrong in his estimate of position. Despite many years of trekking experience.
    Also, unusual personality shifts.
    This eventually descended into full blown psychosis.
    Which he believed could only be solved by: more cannabis.
    He's now jobless and homeless.
    It took approximately 10 years for cannabis dependency to destroy his life.
    The 'hilarious loss of direction' you experience is an indication of the unpredictable way this drug is affecting your brain. What else happens in your brain, besides everything.. It regulates your heart and hormones, your sleep and your appetite. If you think there is no price for sucking down a domesticated psycho-active street drug. You're pretty dumb.
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  8. Nope...cant Lose something I never Had lbvs iono what Directions or anyting North or South or w/e it just Confuse me.

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  9. You can't make this shit up. Imagine being this scared and ignorant of weed. I'm sorry about your brother but you're "pretty dumb" to blame weed on his situation. Correlation is not causation. It's astonishing you sit here and blame cannabis on what happened to him despite almost all cannabis users experiencing none of what you just described. He almost undoubtedly had mental illness, which in fact could have been accelerated from cannabis, however NOT caused by it. The two are completely different. This can happen with all manners of drugs including alcohol.

    "Domesticated street drug" is the wording you chose to use to describe a plant that naturally grows on this earth, that like all crops farmers have bred for their benefit. Btw "psychoactive" is quite the buzzword. Sounds scary doesn't it? Caffeine is psychoactive. (Also objectively more dangerous than cannabis) Your heart may be in the right place because you think weed caused all that bad stuff to happen to your brother. But that's just simply not the reality. Cannabis helps countless people every single day. However it's not for everyone, especially people with certain mental illnesses.
  10. I love this guy. He’s great.
    First time I smiled all day.

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  11. Years ago me and a fellow grasscity member Dankozee met up and smoked some of his Trainwreck. At the end of the session, I got lost driving home on a straight road that I traveled every day for 30 years. Then I puked my guts out. That's how you know it's good.
  12. Legend has it, he's still on that same road, puking.
  13. To commemorate this historic night, people still drive down this lonely road, throwing out train wreck bagseeds. Hoping within a few shorts weeks that this lone vomitor will have another crop to harvest and smoke and start the whole cycle over again....

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